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stimulating the sides of the prostate
  • techpumptechpump
    Posts: 154
    Hi everyone, my first post/topic here! I've used the aneros for about 4.5 years now, and have been into anal/prostate play for about 6 years. I love it!

    I have not yet had a super-O, or an orgasm from the aneros alone. I first got the very first model they ever made (i guess the mgx? whichever one was not the shorter one), before any of the advanced versions came out. I got the progasm, and the beginner's set of the Peridise (the two larger ones). I like them all, a lot! but, i only orgasm with penis stimulation. I use the peridise and regular aneros to get warmed up, and usually switch to dildos or this nice g-spot glass dildo that has the most perfect bend. When i use this, the prostate milk oozes out, but i can't get it out only from the aneros.

    Here's my question. i use my finger to begin to warm up, and lube up. I know the prostate is "walnut" shaped, and is supposed to have a round shape for it's body. inside my rectum, i can not only touch the outside wall, which is the middle, of my prostate, but can run my finger down along both left and right sides of it, almost encircling it with my fingertip. I get different sensations from the sides than i do just on the central "ridge" if you will. I can push against it also from the sides, and that feels different than pushing against the middle. Also, the sensations from pushing or massaging the front of it, closest to my anus, and the far back side of it are different from the middle, or the sides.

    Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Through anal/prostate exploring, have any of you seasoned veterans felt the same things too? Or, is my anatomy different??!! Please let me and everyone else know!

    I feel like I'm not getting as fulfilling of a massage of my prostate with the toys/aneros/dildos/etc. out there on the market because the toys don't stimulate and/or place pressure on the sides of my love stone. I hunt all the time for toys that have a Y shaped ending, so that the wishbone tines could massage the sides of my prostate, and the middle too. Thinking about this configuration gets me hard, that's how bad i want to use something like this!! If Aneros could make a massager that addressed this kind of anatomical arrangement, maybe people like me could reach even more advanced stages of orgasm, or finally reach the super-O!! When i use the glass, i turn it like 10 degrees, so that it slides into the little crease/valley/crevice between the side wall of my prostate, and the rectal canal. When i do this, the cum just pours out of me. When i straighten it out, the feeling is intense, but different. i want both feelings at the same time.

    I pump and pump, and let myself go, and it feels like i have to piss so freakin bad, i relax to let it go, and that release isn't there. Is this the feeling i look for, like when a woman ejaculates, she feels like she has to pee too?

    Okay, that's it!! I'd love to hear about you guys and what your prostates are like, if like mine, and if you experience different levels of pleasure from stimulation along the lines i described. If you know of a toy that can do what I pray for, please let me know!! Thanks for reading gang
  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    Hello techpump and welcome,

    Great Saturday morning relaxing after TC in the park and saw your most interesting post.

    I've got about 1/20th of your experience -- only been into serious play for three months. In milestone terms, I'm happily 'grazing' the mini-O pasture but haven't yet made it through the O-zone gate. And that may be a long way off -- OK with that.

    Butt, short answer: YES, I'm right with you on this preference. The lateral surfaces are nicest.

    I distinguish anal-play from O-trips. During "O-trips" I usually mini-O on either side using a Helix and on either side or on my back using the Eupho. On my back, the Eupho quickly finds it way onto a lateral lobe. Most of my crude anal-play and intense prostate massage is on my belly with a Helix. I don't ever anticipate an orgasm from pure anal-play and squelch most involuntaries with voluntaries -- just a MB/control thing !

    It took about a month to find that the sides were far more responsive than the mid-line on a 45 gram prostate that's mostly enlarged along the "lateral lobes" (an old Uro's assessment). Note... here's a website that may have more current, but complicated, anatomical descriptions. Different from what I first learned a decade ago. [ ] .

    The big hurdles were getting lube and sphincter strength issues resolved so that I could easily maneuver the Helix onto the prostate "laterals." First attained this on my belly but...

    After a couple of months, I developed the same preferences that have been well expressed by Brian F. Mayfield. Once well established in a session, I get better lateral lobe stim on either my right or left side where gravity simplifies getting into that neat 'cranny.' For what it might be worth, my right lobe seems more sensitive than my left, yet my Uro reports there's more enlargement in my left lobe. For "O-trips" my mini-O box score is better on my right side.

    Early on, I shared in the desire for an imaginary ('Y' shaped) tool that would stim both lat surfaces at once. However, I suspect that for seniors like me the ano-rectal canal tissue might be so stiff as to preclude doing both sides at the same time. Using your proposed "Y" tool might be just a young guy's sport.

    We've got a couple of well stocked leather stores in town and I've not seen a tool that would do the job. Wands haven't done it for me. They lack positional reference to facilitate easy return to a 'base position.' (Like a spring loaded stick-shift in a car that makes it quick to find 'neutral.')

    I think Aneros has the right idea in anchoring the reference to an virtual point between the anus and 'sweet spot.' If I were to design an Aneros to do this for me, it would be about the crossection of the Eupho but with a length between that of the Helix and SGX. Stem like the MGX. Regrettably, that would be a single-sided tool but maybe pretty stimulating.

    I've never been able to maneuver the Progasm onto either lateral lobe. Just sort of a big blob for me. -- maybe an age issue; however, how about making a Progasm-sized tool with a 'bicycle seat slot' carved down the middle??

    Maybe what's needed to ultimately solve the 'itchy prostate' issue is a soft, worm-like bot that could be maneuvered with a simple 'joy' stick. And, the delux version would have two heads with independent controls. This would probably take the form of a small butt plug with a p-tab to anchor it directionally. While we're at it, add a small duct for occasional re-lube (for those 36 hour sessions--LOL). ;D

    Tks for the tip on using a g-stim tool. We've got a couple of Dr. Berman's g tools here. Although they are pretty wand-like they are small and I'll give them a try. Again, welcome
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087
    Techpump and Newbie,

    Some very interesting observations here. As Newbie2009 alluded to, there would seem to be an issue of hyperplasia here....most certainly if you are able to curl your finger around your prostate. There is no question however that prostate appears to have different zones of sensitivity. I suspect that this varies from one individual to the next, but I too believe that these lateral areas are particularly sensitive. This is the reason that the side lying position is often so effective.

    On the matter of a device that would make contact with all zones simultaneously, this would almost certainly require custom configuration to have any effectiveness at all. If you've been in your urologist office and ever seen the models that depict different stages of BPH you'll know that prostates can be different in shape or size depending on the degree of hyperplasia. The Y idea is intriguing...I just don't know how you could produce a one-size-fits-all with this or even a one size fits some! It would really need to be specific to the individual. Outside of that you would end up with something that misses that sides of the prostate altogether either by contacting the rectal wall (in the event that the gland was smaller) or the frontal section zone (if it was very large).

    With regard to women experiencing a sensation of needing to pee prior to orgasm, It's pretty well documented that women experience this prior to G-spot orgasms however, which as you know is homologous tissue to the prostate.

    BF Mayfield
  • techpumptechpump
    Posts: 154
    B, i guess i didn't specify that my prostate sticks out like an army helmet, and i can only rub the sides along the right left sides. The front is just a rise up to the top of the gland, and the back side away from my anus is virutally level with the rectal wall. The sides of my P might be like 3/8" tall, maybe about that high. I am very sure i don't have hyperplasia issues involving a problem, my prostate has always been the way it is, and it works really, really well! It's just prominent and extra easy to feel and stimulate (lucky me!).

    Nothing too pronounced as far as a Y-shaped head for an aneros, maybe a subtle central curve with rounded nub-like horns that run from the curve/indentation. The head could be small even, smaller than the PRogasm. There is one heart shaped handle for a glass dildo that i bought hoping the heart would be small enough. It's way too big, i couldn't get it in!

    Thanks for the comments so far!