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Just Signed up, Have alot of questions Need Help
  • Chris82Chris82
    Posts: 7
    I'm 27 And Have had an Enlarged Prostate since I was 17 I believe.. Age 17-20 I had trouble urinating, it would burn also I would have a little trouble Starting the stream.. Also Weak Erections. Now Those were the Symptoms at first but as the years went on they just got worse.. I started feeling pain in my dick and the sides of my pelvic region.. I went to a few differen't urologist and they always said i had either a slight enlargment of the prostate, or just an Enlarged Prostate.. Anyways There's alot more but i can be typing for ever..

    My main reason for posting is this.. I started reading about a prostate massage and that it might help, so one day i decided to stick a finger up my rectum and massage my prostate and see what happens.. Well it turns out that It Did WONDERS for me, the very first day i had a huge improvement.. Urinating was alot easier, also alot of the pain or soreness felt like it went away.. I did this massage for the next 3 days and it worked great.. I was Urinating So FREELY i felt Normal again, I had alot less pain also my erections were better.. But then Saturday Came and i don't know what happened but the whole day when i tried to Pee it felt like i couldn't.. I had SO much trouble urinating It was the worse it's ever been.. I was worried that maybe i moved my finger around to much and hurt myself and caused my prostate to get more inflamed. Would anyone Here Know what happened? Could i have just massaged it to much and i need a break? Why would the first 3 days doing it feel like I Cured my body then all of a sudden i'm having a hard time urinating from doing it? I ran out of room so i'll have to continue on another post..
  • Chris82Chris82
    Posts: 7
    I ordered the Prostate Cradle and The Aneros MGX model i think its called, because i wanted to try them out.. They haven't really worked good for me.. I been using the Aneros Thing for 15mins a day and while i do think it helps in some degree I always have alot of trouble urinating after i use it.. And i'm talking for the whole day, It feels like i can't even urinate it takes forever to start the Stream.. Now this is something i'm Used to like i said i'm 27 and been having this problem for Years.. But why the heck would me using my finger the first 3 days have worked sooooo Good It improved the Process of urination a great deal, and now i'm not getting any good results.. I been hearing that there is little muscles surrounding the prostate if i keep massaging that area can that help with my Urination? or does that Hurt it?

    Obvioulsy i left out alot of Details because i don't want take up to much of you time, but if anybody can help me at all I would greatly appreciate it.. I didn't use the Aneros yesterday or today, instead i tried using my finger again and i felt a relief with the pain soreness but the urinating is still difficult.. I don't think i have Acute Prostritus, the condition where your prostate would be inflamed due to infection.. I read how it can be dangerous to massage it because i can spread the infection.. But a dr. never told me that i had that, also i never got fevers or anything weird in my Urine. So if anyone can help me at all Please, Also ask me any questions about anything if you need further information.. I'm not looking for sexual pleasure with the massage
  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    Greetings Chris82 and welcome aboard !

    Hopefully you can get the beast under control and get a Doc's OK to launch into the physical and mental activities we enjoy.

    Having some enlargement, I've shared mild versions of the issues you experience, particularly after taking an antihistamine tab or using a nasal spray. I'm fortunate as a daily milligram of Hytrin or Cardura loosens me up and I urinate OK. However, I'm only carrying around a 45 gram prostate -- large enuf for the Aneros to find but not so large that it's a nuisance. :)

    Good news ... I can handle any of the Aneros tools. Even with the Progasm, it doesn't get crowded up there. :D Three months of vigorous Aneros work seems to have had little effect on bph. Some days, I feel that it's helped and other days I feel that it hasn't but, at no time has the Aneros worsened my condition. So, with your Urologist's OK, this can brighten up your life by leaps and bounds.

    My experience in the ASI forum and newsgroup, suggests having your E2 (Estradiol) level checked to see if it's a factor. If elevated it can affect other aspects of your whole being. Here are other helpful resources :

    The manufacturer of the Aneros markets a set of massagers under it's High Island Health trademark. Go to < >. That site has a forum dedicated to discussions about prostate health.

    If you have access to Usenet check out < >. There's plenty of English speaking expertise there and those guys can field most any question you put forward. Enter there, "armed" with a list of current medications, particularly anything used to treat allergies or Asthma. If you lack Usenet access try reading the group via Google. >>groups>

    Other groups (I haven't visited these recently but they might help) are: < >, and < >
  • friday77friday77
    Posts: 25
    Hello Chris82,

    I have a posting on DIY massage for prostatitis here. I have two postings on that thread which you may find useful.

    Have you seen a doctor about this yet? There are some non-antibiotic medications that are available for benign prostatic hypertrophy (BHP) which may be helpful for you with urine flow. BHP isn't really a problem for me, but flow is inhibited somewhat for me if I have inflammation due to prostatitis. It’s not quite clear from your post whether your problem is mainly BHP or prostatitis. Mild prostatitis may make your BHP worse.

    Do you include ejaculation as part of your massage? If so, have you noticed any burning afterwards? Prostatic fluid is alkaline, and prostatic fluid from an infected prostate is very alkaline and can cause a burning sensation in the urethra, especially after ejaculation.

    I use the aneros device, but I also have very good results using a slender vibrator that has a tilted egg-shaped tip. The aneros and vibrator each have their advantages and disadvantages. I feel that I can reach more regions than is assessable with the aneros. I can maneuver the vibrator more feely and the vibrations seem to effectively massage the whole region. I have read about concerns of injury when using a vibrator, but I have not had any problems. I have read at least one account here where someone encountered blood after a non-aneros massage. The aneros is typically considered to be a safer method for massage. I also like the hands free use of the aneros.
  • Chris82Chris82
    Posts: 7
    Hey Friday Thank you for Responding to my topic.. I Believe what i have is Chronic Prostatitis/Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome .. Its a NonBacterial condition and i just have cronic pain all th time.. The medication I usually take are called Alpha Blockers.. And They Do Help relieve the pain and help urination.. I have tried several different kinds of this medication.. Flomax seemed to have worked the best, however i was allergic to the drug and ended up getting a reaction so i had to stop.. What i'm taking now is called Doxosaxin not sure exact spelling.. And while this medication does help the side effects of it really causes me not to take it.. It makes me Extremelyl tired also dry's my eyes and i have alot of trouble concentrating..

    Anyways I just want to know is Howcome The Finger Massage Initially WORKED for a few days, But now i'm not getting the Same results with it.. Does anyone know if my massaging the prostate and tissue around it that maybe it made all of it sore and it needs a few days to recover? This is all Hard to explain but i hope you can understand what i'm trying to say..
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,435
    Hi Chris82,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    I am sorry to hear about your ongoing prostate situation. I wish I had some good advice to share with you to help resolve your conditions but alas I don't. I can only relate my personal experience with regular periodic Aneros use (once every 2-3 days) has helped maintain free flow of urine for me. You may wish to discuss with your doctor the possibility you have a congenital constriction of your urethra which may be treatable through dilation procedures, just a thought. In the meantime, I doubt hands-free Aneros use will be problematic and it could certainly be profoundly enjoyable.
  • friday77friday77
    Posts: 25

    If I had to guess about why your DIY finger massage isn’t working anymore, it’s that DIY finger massage is very limited. Maybe you can’t reach an area that really needs to be massaged. However, it’s possible that maybe you bruised something with your finger. If you didn’t ejaculate after massage, maybe some infectious material spread to another part of the prostate (I realize that you said that you believe that you have a non-bacterial condition… I’m just looking at all possibilities).

    Do you include ejaculation as part of your massage? One theory is that infectious material gets trapped because of clogged ducts (acini) and that a thorough massage helps to push this fluid out of the clogged ducts. Ejaculation after massage supposedly flushes out this infectious material. Some claim that this condition is often misdiagnosed as non-bacterial since cultures may not include fluid from clogged acini. Others don’t buy this. A competing theory is that muscle tightness is responsible for pain, and that massage gives relief through myofascial release. I think that it’s likely that both mechanisms are often in play.

    Regardless of theory, I have found that DIY massage is helpful using either an aneros or slender vibrator. My procedure always follows this sequence:
    • Massage while not aroused
    • Massage while aroused. (The prostate feels very different during an erection. There surrounding tissue is firmer, which gives you something to push against during massage).
    • Massage during ejaculation
    • Massage after ejaculation (I have read that it post-ejaculation massage is useful, because only trapped fluid will still be in the prostate at this time, and massage will then focus on this trapped fluid.)

    Regardless as to whether the theory is correct or not, this procedure always gives me significant relief.

    Two things to consider:
    • Try including ejaculation as part of your massage treatment.
    • Since you’re already tried an aneros, consider getting a “Dr. Joel Kaplan Prostate Massager” which is really a slender vibrator with a tilted egg shaped tip. The tip is somewhat blunt, so it may be less likely to bruise than a finger. I think that the vibrations may help to make the massage more effective.

    There are risk involved with following my advice. I’m not an MD, so feel free to disregard my advice. This link has some information that you may find useful.
  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    Chris82 said:

    ... The medication I usually take are called Alpha Blockers.. And They Do Help relieve the pain and help urination.. I have tried several different kinds of this medication.. Flomax seemed to have worked the best, however i was allergic to the drug and ended up getting a reaction so i had to stop.. What i'm taking now is called Doxosaxin not sure exact spelling.. And while this medication does help the side effects of it really causes me not to take it.. It makes me Extremelyl tired also dry's my eyes and i have alot of trouble concentrating....snip...

    If simple alfa-blockers like Doxazosin (Cardura) and Terazosin (Hytrin) are helping, stick with them until you get the underlying cause under control. But, have the doc adjust the dose and type to minimize the sense of fatigue.

    Flomax didn't agree with me either. My doc switched me to 5mg of Hytrin, daily and that did the fatigue number. Cut it back to 2mg, then to 1mg -- much milder, only a small reduction in blood pressure and no dizziness.

    For me, 2mg of Cardura (Doxazosin) takes nearly two hours to act but is good for 24 hours. Hytrin (Terazosin) acts within 30 minutes and usually stays with me for 12-15 hours. I can use 2mg of Cardura each day but prefer 1mg of Hytrin with the option for a second one in the afternoon if I start to tighten up. The good news is that at least two of us in this group have found that simple alfa-blockers do not affect our response to Aneros action.

    Either using a massager or an alfa-blocker is just treating symptoms and isn't getting to the underlying cause. At your age, you rate some serious diagnosis and treatment. (I'm at an age where an enlarged prostate is the norm not the exception.) Really, look for an elevated level of Estradiol (E2). If that's the case, getting it by the horns will improve every aspect of your life.
  • DeepDeep
    Posts: 78
    Hi Chris82,

    I'm 24 and have chronic pelvic pain which I have been dealing with for years. I've been slowly healing myself for the last year. The book A Headache in the Pelvis has helped me so much. Another member here, Darwin, also highly recommends this book. You might want to have a cystoscopy done (I know, it sucks) to check for strictures as rumel's post suggested. If there's no abnormality's I'd suggest healing yourself.

    May I also suggest you try stopping the medications? It is possible to heal without them, and they are only a short term fix.

    By the way I am not a doctor.
  • Chris82Chris82
    Posts: 7
    I Want to Thank Friday, Rumel, Newbie, and Deep For Responding.. I really appreciate it.. Let me just run down all my symtoms just to clearly clarify ..

    1) Restriction of Urination(trouble starting stream) , and Slight Burning When Urinating
    2) Pelvic Pain, Pain through penis, lower back pain
    3) Weak Erections, Also Trouble Maintaing Erections
    4) When my prostate Feels really inflamed it messes up my concentration, also i have trouble remembering somethings... Mental Clarity is Affected..

    Now All these symptoms didn't happen all at once.. The first few symptoms were Slight Burning urinating, and Weak or No erections.. But no pelvic pain or Mental clarity problems... Everything progressively got worse through the years.. I have gotten a Scope Done where they put it through your penis and look to see if there's any blockage ... it hurt like hell it was terrible.. But the Test came up Negative and there didn't seem to be any blockage.. The Medicine I take does work, however it for whatever reason besides making me tired screws up my concentration even more... Its hard to explain, its like My eyes feel dried up and i feel almost stupid at times... Again its tough to expalin but thats why i'm trying not to take the medicine if i don't have to.. But Maybe i'll just take a 1mg pill like someone suggested and see if thats tolerable..
  • Chris82Chris82
    Posts: 7
    FRIDAY: No i don't Ejaculate when i do the massage... I do understand what you wrote and it seems like it makes alot of sense to do that... But Usually when i masturbate or have sex and ejaculate my prostate Feels more Inflamed Afterwards, So i try to hold back from Ejaculating so that i can meet up with a girl for the weekend and have sex with her...haha But thats why i don't really try to ejaculate during the massage because i want to save up for sex.. (Maybe ur right though with bacteria spreading or whatever to my prostate) Now I used the Aneros for 5 days, and its comfortable when i use it, like i dont have a problem getting it up there... However After i remove it my prostate seems like its more enlarged and hurts more then when i just use My Finger.. Also been very tough to Pee afterwards. But What the Aneros and the finger massage does seem to help with is, a reduction of the Pelvic pain i feel, and somewhat of a reduction in the pain i feel in my penis through the shaft..

    Newbie: Yea the medicine does help but like i said it screws up my concentration... At when i'm at my job on that medicine i can't concentrate at all.. I have a 4mg pill of Doxosazin i been splitting it and only taking half so 2mg and i still have that affect.. But now i will split the half and just take 1mg of it..

    DEEP: No i didn't read the book, but i heard about it... Your 24? man i know what your going through.. This is such a Agonizing life dealing with this crap.. i'm tired of this..
  • Chris82Chris82
    Posts: 7
    I'm gonna hold off a little with using the Aneros, i want to continue doing a finger massage.. just because the Aneros seems to Inflame my prostate a little more then the finger.. But Again i just want everyone to know The Finger massaged the first few days Worked better then anything... And i really thought i found a Cure.. I was Peeing so Freely and my mental Clarity was perfect and Normal..

    Does anyone know if the muscle tissue surround the prostate help urination process at all? in other words maybe me massaging that area somehow just weakens it temporarily and it needs a few days of recovery before the Next Massage?? Because the last 2 weeks i have been massaging myself like that almost everyday, not long the max 10-15 mins a day.. I know you guys are being as helpful as you can but i really feel like i had to Post on here because maybe there would be something i can find that can really help me.. I Wish i can figure out why the Finger massage Blessed me those first few days but now when i do it, it doesn't work nearly as good.. Also i dont' know any Massage Techniques. When i feel my prostate i just move my finger gently left to right and just ya know move my finger around a bit.. So i dont' know if i'm doing anything wrong..
  • friday77friday77
    Posts: 25
    From what I’m reading, I’m not terribly surprised that you are having increased problems if you are massaging an infected prostate without a subsequent ejaculation. For me, the relief that I get from following my procedure described in the previous post is amazing. It’s like someone letting the air out of a tire. You may or may not have a real infection, but it may be worth trying. The spreading of bacteria might explain why your finger initially worked, but then became ineffective as the infection spread and took hold. You may have had the same experience if you had tried the aneros first.

    Be aware, however, that you may experience an initial period of burning afterwards if you have more than a very mild infection. I remember trying this after one of my worst infections. I had been on antibiotics and they weren’t helping much. The burning of the urethra after ejaculation was unpleasant (apparently due to the highly alkaline infectious prostatic fluid). I drank a lot of water to try to flush out the system. However, I felt SOOO much better by the next morning. I felt better than I had felt in several weeks. It wasn’t bad at all after the massage-ejaculation cycle the next night. I did the massage-ejaculation treatment every 1-3 days for a couple of weeks until the pain went away completely. I became a believer in this method. If you do experience some burning after ejaculation, this may be supporting evidence that you have an infection.

    Note 1: If I an experiencing the onset of an infection, ejaculation without massage might give me a little temporary relief, but it doesn’t really fix it completely.

    Note 2: I will begin to feel uncomfortable pressure if I don’t experience an ejaculation after about 3 days.
  • Chris82Chris82
    Posts: 7
    Thanks Friday, Next time i do this i will ejaculate and see if it helps.. You probably are right..