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Nautilus machines
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356
    I am on vacation and went to a nearby gym to work out. I was there to do a strength workout, and was glad to see they had a Nautilus circuit (about a dozen machines that isolate different muscle groups).

    Before going I had napped, and when I woke up I had a brief session of aneros-less orgasms, which felt great, and left my body still a bit excited.

    It turned out the gym was completely empty except me. I didn't give that much thought, and began the circuit.

    Thing is, the adductor machine (in which you strengthen the muscles in your inner thigh) was in front of a mirror. Your starting position is sitting with your legs straight out and wide open, and you squeeze them together against a resistance, till your ankles meet. For some reason, seeing my crotch in the mirror with my legs held wide open by the machine kind of set me off. Before I knew it I was holding onto the seat while my bottom squirmed around and my legs quaked, and I was moaning like crazy, orgasming on that machine. It was a turn-on to watch my crotch behave like that, kind of like a woman's would, and having the restraint force me open accentuated the whole effect.

    I managed to calm down and continue the circuit, though I did have some tremors throughout.

    Then I got to the lower back machine. On this one you straddle a kind of padded hump, with your legs bent and knees held down, and push a resistance backward with your upper body. This one drove my ass and crotch crazy for some reason, as I arched back, and I started all over again, while leaning back against the machine. It felt incredible, and I flushed and swooned as I orgasmed. I sat there for a good five minutes coming. Then I finished the workout.

    I went back to the adductor machine for another quick go round, and headed back.

    Go figure!

  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    Sorry, somewhat off-topic.

    In a slightly different way, I also found the hip adductor machine ... Exciting ---

    Our last gym had the Nautilus circuit in a Unisex area. There were a pair of inclined boards for sit-ups across from the adductor station.

    I was working abs on one of the inclined boards when a gal in a hot-pink spandex leotard straddled the machine. She had a small-dark purple bulls-eye embroidered in the crotch........ Definitely had a mental effect on me! :evil: :twisted:

    A week later she was back wearing a yellow leotard. I lingered on the ab board until she made it to the adductor station -- that time it was four small red arrows all pointing inward. Same exciting affect from hip adduction. Always wondered if there more outfits with different accent markings. :?:
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    The "scenery" at the gym can provide some interesting erotic fodder indeed. I'll confess that many years ago I had a similar experience with a gym that I was going to. In this particular case there was a very attractive lady that seemed to have a schedule similar to mine, as we were normally there at the same times each week. On several occasions I found myself across from her as she was on the Hip Adductor machine. For those unfamiliar with this piece of equipment, one sits in a reclined position as you bring your legs together and then spread them apart.

    No question, I found it quite arousing watching this lady at this station. One day we finally caught each others notice and I received a very warm smile from her. From then on we seemed to eye one another...and the smiles became steadily warmer. One day she was again on the Hip Adductor machine and I noticed that she was staring at me and smiling. With feigned nonchalance I looked over and was instantly captivated by what I saw. There she was, smiling at me intently, as she opened and closed her legs. She actually seemed to be beckoning me! My gaze was inexorably drawn to her crotch that revealed a fine cameltoe from underneath her spandex. Looking closer I could see that a wet spot had formed directly over her vagina! My eyes glanced back up to her face and I noticed that she was positively grinning at me! Within seconds I had a very sizable erection I might add that was impossible to hide under the shorts that I was wearing. Thinking quickly I grabbed a nearby towel, draped it in front of me, and made it for the bathroom to chill my wheels. By the time I returned, she was gone! Unfortunately, I was unable to make it to the gym the next week and the week after that I transferred out of state, so I never did get to follow up with her. That said, that scene provided me with some terrific fodder for solo sessions for weeks to come. And thanks to the thread you've authored may be reconstituted once I'm feeling a little nostalgic tonight!


    BF Mayfield
  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    Ah Brian---that young-single life ! Usually my 'bride' goes to the gym with me. Straight arrow !
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Hey, that was some time ago. The days of exchanging glances across a gym are but a memory now (but what a memory it is...).

    BF Mayfield
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello BF Mayfield, :)

    I read your story yesterday, and it provided me with chuckles all day long thinking about it. Perhaps you should have posted this in the F-Spot thread also! :lol:
    Thanks for taking the time to post it! :D

  • pifpif
    Posts: 30
    Dang that gave me a wood just reading! LOL