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Newbie Just Received Aneros MGX
  • Hey Guys!
    I'm in my 20's and have been interested in Aneros products for some time now.
    One of my biggest struggles: I currently live in North Africa!
    Ahhh... Yeah... so its not like I can just go to the nearest sex shop and pick up a toy! ;)

    So after two weeks of shipping time, my Aneros made it to my doorstep today.
    I am excited to explore the possibilities!
    Its been great reading eveyones post and I look forward to posting some experiences of my own.
    Happy Aneros!
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Welcome to the Aneros forums myanerosmgx. :)

    And good luck on your new journey with your MGX.

    We look forward to your contributions here.