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Report and review of vibrating eggs
  • Hey everyone!

    I have kept myself occupied lately, and of course life has occupied me as well. But I still come around and read the forum when I have the time and can pry myself away from current studies.

    So yeah, I started experimenting with the vibrating eggs, because I seem to have developed some serious relaxation issues with my inner sphincter over the last six months or so. I attribute it to diet and stress, and I continue to work upon it, with slow improvements. I remember when I first used the Aneros (three years ago now? wow), as long as I had ample lube, it seemed to kinda float and twist inside of me all of its own. Now it tends to stayed locked in place. No matter the model, even the peridise. My body seems to want to spit them out.

    Anyway, until I return to that earlier state of utter trust and release, I continue to play with the eggs.

    Let me tell you, for a person used to self-pleasure sessions lasting over an hour on average, any battery-powered toy becomes an expensive device. I first used the (brandless?) chrome-y vibrating egg sold here. I soon felt very nice sensations with it, when I introduced nipple play. I learned to time my stimulus with the peaks of pleasure in my perineum and prostate. Eventually I could have dry orgasms this way. I suppose you could call them mini-Os, but I definitely relate them to an orgasmic release of tension and arousal. The orgasms, though, don't qualify as the highlights of those sessions. Rather do the buildups. Wow. A very frequent sensation occurs to me, and I love it. Let me tell you about it. I would describe it as a very convicing feeling of wetness and warmth. Like my pelvis lies submerged in a delicious bath of some golden nectar. Perhaps a bath, but the kind of voluptuary experience where the water feels ...thick. Ethereal honey, anyone? I also began to feel something like someone who cared for me pressed a loving hand onto my belly, a gentle pressure making me aware of the muscles there, making the pleasure start to descend closer to my core. I bet some of you guys know these feelings well.

    So... I would quite simply do this: place the egg on my perineum, beneath my scrotum. While placing it on or near my scrotum does give slightly more sensation, it pierces too much, it overpowers. The sensations would feel more electric and less organic, if that makes sense. I turn the device to its lowest setting. I pull the control piece up and usually tuck it under a pillow, to keep the cable taut and thus the egg stationary. Although it does seem to move about even with this "leash", however I might imagine that. Add nipple play, breath deep and most of all relax.

    Yay! But I had a problem. The cable became twisted too many times and now the device will not buzz consistently. I have to search out a certain way of letting the egg hang, a certain angle of the cable where some kink satisfies the connection and allows it to hum. And just the right involuntary change in position and,... poof. Silence.

    I deciced maybe the wireless egg might do better for me. I bought the Cleopatra, sold here. Yes, I know very well they market it for women. I don't care about that. Actually, ok, I do, I found it arousing to think about its intended audience and my act of... subversion. But if you remember my first post, you know I enjoy expressing my feminine self.

    I thought perhaps the wireless might prove a problem when I received it, because I couldn't see how to keep it in place. This never crossed my brain before purchasing, believe it or not. But the problem solved itself, you see. The egg comes with a loop attached, to ease "retrieval" when used during more usual applications. I slipped that loop around my scrotum. It seemed like they made the toy just for this specific use, the design works that well.

    I used the soft-to-hard ramping upward hum. It did great in arousing me. I began to feel even better sensations than I had with my old egg. I can't explain it very well, but I soon began to have mini-Os almost predictably. I loved my new eggfriend!

    Except... is takes a 12v dry cell which looks like a mini A-series cell for the controller, and six (SIX!) LR44 watch(?) batteries for the egg itself. The latter, I sound found out, cost an amazing amount of money. And again, for someone who has three-to-four sessions of at least an hour apiece per week, that meant a good deal of cash. Enough in fact to quickly buy the toy. I had to buy six LR44s every week, and the 12vs lasted only a little longer.

    I ended up trying one of those X-brand bulk battery deals. Some of them didn't work. And I think one might have damaged the device. It no longer turns on. It stopped suddenly and sharply and nothing I do makes an impression on it. Unfortunate.

    So I return to my chrome friend. I will soon replace him, but I find it unfortunate, considering the amount of money spent on the Cleopatra.

    So, in summary: vibrating eggs can work wonders. Just do your research, and if you opt for wireless, check out the battery type for availability and price.

    -PQ *waves hi and bye*

    P.S.: My right nipple now responds to touch now, too! Yay! Nippleplay rules!

    P.P.S: I found that without fail, any kind of vibration makes internal play totally fruitless. For me it accelerates the "out-spitting". My perineum may love the vibration but my anus apparently doesn't care for it at all. I can corroborate this with my experiences with the Rudeboy. To people who have success with the Aneros and the egg simultaneously, I envy you.
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 854
    Cool idea! Thanks for sharing. :D