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Aneros and Increased HDL Levels?
  • STARR831STARR831
    Posts: 71
    I had open-heart surgery a year ago; and, every since I have had regular visits w/ my family doctor. This morning, my doctor commented that I must be exercising regularly now - my HDL (good cholesterol level) was up from 49 to 65! Exercising regularly has been a challenge; and, basically, I just don't. Since my Aneros journey started three months ago, however, I have consciously tried to increase my daily fiber content (to insure regularity and better colon cleansing) AND my level of satisfying sexual activity has progressed to a point where it's hard to determine when one series of excitement stops and another one begins! :lol: When I called my wife to inform her of the HDL increase, she didn't hesitate to conclude our Aneros-inspired journey must be the cause! Have any of you gentlemen had similar results? This is the best medical encouragement I've had since finishing cardio-rehab last Fall!
  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    Hey Starr --- Congrats on the numbers!! Well done.

    Initial temptation is to credit the fiber regimen. I got more serious about supplemental fiber and this last year and my HDL went up from 69 to 75 and the LDL is now down to 70. (Those numbers were taken just before I got involved in the journey).

    An Aneros session definitely gives me an endorphin boost and the deliberate body oxygenation is also a plus, cardio-wise. Both of those factors are supposed to increase HDL and perhaps lower Cortisol. As Tig Woods might say, "it's all good!" :D

    Experts in oriental medicine might contribute some thoughts on how energy flow might be at work. :?: :?:
  • LinghamanLinghaman
    Posts: 231
    Five years ago I had a major mitral valve reconstruction and a double bypass. Thankfully they were able to save the valve. Four months post surgery one of the grafts failed and they had to redo it. Thankfully the second time was a minimally invasive procedure . . . the first was the full zipper.

    Three years after the surgery I began this wonderful trip on air aneros ...and I haven't landed yet. I do five sessions per month and 15 device free sessions per month. My numbers haven't moved . . they are great.

    I would ask if you are on anything? I take ace inhibitors, beta blockers, niacin, plavix, aspirin and a statin. Could be that is why my numbers are good. I hope so ...i spend a ton on meds ...i better get something for all that.