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A slight detour in the road.
  • churneychurney
    Posts: 42
    I first need to set the stage of what was going on before I was hospitalized two weeks ago. Since last Dec. I have had two colonoscopies, carpel tunnel surgery, I broke a tooth that abscessed and cause a nasty sinus infection, had to have that tooth removed because the antibiotics were not keeping the infection in check, started the implant process, How I am going to pay for the implant I do not know. My mom in law's CHF turned terminal, it was her wish to stay at home, and we complied. It took a heavy toll on my SO, the family, and myself. We both got rundown and my SO caught the Swine flue. Yes it was confirmed and it sent the family to their respective G.P's and we all ended up on prophylactic Tamiflu. It did its job and kept contained the swine flue to my SO. Mom passed quietly at home one morning, with most of her family there. Then all the funeral stuff and such.

    I am a self-employed dirt man/landscaper. So then here in the Northeast the rain hit. I have not been able to get many billable hours in since the end of April. It has been financially devastating and one of the most stressful periods in my life. Little did I know any of this would happen back last February/March when I started my Aneros journey.

    Because I was not eating right and rundown already, the Tamiflu took a heavy toll on my GI system. Left me severely constipated. I had been eating better and increasing my fiber and probiotics intake and was staring to feel better. Then it hit. In less than 24 hours I went from thinking I was constipated again to the ER and a four-day hospital stay, because I could not stand the pain and was passing blood. Well the docs think I picked a specific type of bacterial infection from the soggy dirt I was trying to work in. I feel that the Tamiflu greatly irritated my colon and that irritation let the bacteria take hold and flourish. I am expected to have a complete recovery and only expect a few more tests and another colonoscopy. And yes I did discuss my Aneros use with my GI Doc. He felt that it had no effect on the infection because I had not had a session for about ten days before the attack. He recommends that I not indulge until I am further down the healing trail and that I will comply with. I have not included the Migraines, kidney stones, and now a cystic ovary my SO has gone threw at the same time. Yes she will need laparoscopic surgery in the near future.

    Now the good news. Even though we were both feeling like we were getting dumped on last week. We both now are counting our blessings and looking forward to seeing what is in store for us next. Our overall health is good and neither of us has cancer. Her surgery will be relatively minor; it could have been much more involved if her Lymphatic system was involved.

    Looking back it is no wonder that I was having a little trouble making progress along my Journey. Fortunately I had taken the advice you all have given me and was being patient, trying to find my way along the rewiring path and not copying what had been successful for someone else. Again looking back I think that those times I spent breathing and relaxing probably has had a positive effect not only with my journey but more importantly my mental health.

    The pleasure I was feeling and the sense that great pleasure is in my near future was/is very encouraging. Thinking back, I am convinced that I was getting an endorphin rush from the pleasures I was feeling. The reason that I believe this is. That in the early hospital stay and when the medically necessary pain meds wore off, I was feeling sensations very similar to when I have my MGX in place. At the time the only thought I had was that I was one sick SOB for feeling those sensations. Now reflecting back I honestly believe my own mind and body were trying release those endorphins it has learned to enjoy to give my mind a break from the pain. I have not been able to get my mind completely around that concept yet and am looking forward to all of your thought.

    What wonderful device My Aneros MGX is. Trust me it is no toy; it truly is a medical device. If I am right think of the possibilities. P.S. I am dyslexic and my spell checker doesn't recognize medical terms. For the sake of clarity Support has my permission to fix the misspelling. Thank you all.
  • Diesel2215Diesel2215
    Posts: 105
    Hi Cherney

    I have no comment on the endorphin release with Aneros use. But just want you to know that my heart is with you. You seem to have had a very hard time but have pulled through stronger on the other end. I truly hope you and your SO's situation improves and you only have prosperity and health in front of you.


  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)

    You have had an extremely bad run of luck of late, with bad news after bad news, fortunately like all things in nature the cycle swings back around and you are now destined to start experiencing some good news, but it all depends upon your attitude and ability to see the good news when it presents itself. I think you are doing exactly that!

    A while back there was a discussion For those suffering from depression: wherein Aneros practice was considered by many (myself included) to be a good choice for reducing depression. We already knew that Aneros use was good for reducing hemorrhoids and promoting a healthier prostate.

    I think there may be some validity to your theory that Aneros use may also induce production of endorphins which are known analgesics as well. It may be this is only a placebo effect, but it is now proven that even placebos can trigger the brain into the production of hormones and other compounds which help strengthen the body's healing powers.

    I sincerely hope your medical issues soon become a distant memory and your path is smoother going forward into the future for both you and your SO.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi churney

    Very sorry to hear of your multiple misfortunes and your SO's mother's death. These energies that we are working with here are connected to everything, and IMHO and experience, personal and knowing others, these sensitivities may, and for some at times, can and do have the effects you describe. I have had to find this route for personal pain control and utilize it for decades, and would not be the person I am, or independently functional, if this did not work.

    I wish you and your extended family all the best possible as you both heal positively through these events.

    fundamental joy in life wherever we are in our journeys all