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I finally got the big O after 4
  • :D I am a 73 year old man. I went through a couple years of impotence and thought sex was over for me. Fortunately, with alternative supplements I have regained the ability to get morning woodies and erections with stimulation. Occasionally, I can even stimulate to orgasm, although almost always not very strong.

    I happened upon the aneros product through surfing through sex shops on the internet, looking for the “magic bullet” that would help me regain some more youthful sex experiences. I purchased several aneros products, not all at once, but each time with anxious anticipation that this one would “really” be the one I was looking for. Fortunately, the first one I purchased (the classic) did provide me with some good experiences. Otherwise, I might not have pursued them further. It provided me with periods of euphoria that lasted a long time, sometimes several hours. But no big O, not even a little one. Even that tapered off after a while. I progressed to the MGX, SGX, and HELIX and each was a little helpful, except the HELIX. It didn’t do a thing for me.

    Recently I purchased the PERIDISE, the entire set. The Post Office lost the first order and I thought that was an omen. But I ordered a second set. I started with the largest one (the beginner) OMG, after about 1 hour the sensations started and the sense that something big was coming kept thrilling me. It got stronger and stronger and finally I got a BIG O. There were three of them spaced in between with delicious tinglings that increased and decreased in intensity. I could have gone on for hours, but I finally had to stop, reluctantly, as I had other things to do. I then, over a period of days, tried the smaller advanced ones (there are 4 in the set) and each time was given hours of intense pleasure I don’t recall feeling in YEARS. Also, for each one the pleasure started sooner as though a part of my body was waking up after years of dormancy. After trying all of the PERIDISE models, I thought I would try one of the old ones. I tried the Helix, which never had given me any pleasure before. Although it started off rather tamely, I persisted and within an hour, even the Helix was thrilling me in ways that the Peridise did not.

    One of the interesting things is that even after the devices were removed, including the Helix, within a short time the sensations started again! I might even say that the sensations were as or even more intense. I refer to them as “echoes” but sometimes they are as strong, or stronger, than the original waves. I intend to try each of the “older” devices to see if they too will produce the same results, but the Peridise is my favorite now. It was the door opener. I am addicted and it feel great.