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Does it touch the prostate when it is inserted?
  • bluebeardbluebeard
    Posts: 2
    The Helix does not touch the prostate at all without contractions. A little with contractions, I think it is over my prostate so it doesn't do much good. How do you tell if any of the others would work or not?
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    bluebeard, welcome to the Forum and our community! :)

    I used an MGX for my first year, butt when I added the Helix and Eupho, I too had a bit of the problem you are describing; mostly I could little or no feeling at the prostate and no mobility. We are all individually crafted by nature and different here and there and that is one reason for the variety of models of Aneros.

    Do you have any other Aneros models? The MGX is a highly recommended introductory model and worked (and works) very well for me. Keep trying the Helix too, try deeply relaxing all your intestinal muscles down there during your next sessions and wait without expectations and see if your prostate will gently rise to explore this visiting thing. It has been known to happen this way too. If this doesn't happen for you after several session, try the deep relaxation everywhere but repeated light anal sphincter contractions to massage for some time. If you are new to anal play, it does take some time for your body to really start reading these new signal. Patience is a key virtue in early days, weeks even months and years for many of us. Better to go in without any expectations.

    Recently I have had a couple of wonderful mobile sessions with my Helix! I think my innards may have self-reconfigured in anticipation of my then on order Progasm Ice! :lol:

    all the best with this situation and on your journey

  • InverseInverse
    Posts: 36
    Honestly man, I thought it had to make direct stimulation for it to work. On the contrary, it's the subtelty of the contact that makes its function. You literally have to get to a comfort/relaxation level where it's virtually not there. Just let it do its thing.

    Took me forever to get there, I mean how do you ignore it right? But once you reach a level where other things because the center of your attention like arousal and fantasy and breathing it just works.