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Turning your Life Force Energy "Physical"?
  • MartyBMartyB
    Posts: 80
    Last week I was listening to the HypnAerosession. I was lying on my side and couldn't run a finger down my side when Alana told me to do so. I decided instead to try something else, and had great results. I turned my mental focus away from my physical body and tried to harness the life force aura that surrounded it. With this new focus, I would move this aura and "touch" the side of my body that I way lying on. This was all visual, in my mind's eye; my real eyes were closed. I felt tingles and goosebumbs almost instantly on that side of my body! I thought wow! This is great. I did this to other parts of my body and the tingles were mostly isolated to the part I was "touching."

    Now for the real test... Touching my nipples not only feel good and offer a tingle in the nipple, but somehow directly creates pleasure in my prostate when I'm aroused. I "tickled" a nipple with my new found body energy and sure enough, I felt a tingle in that nipple and my prostate raged with pleasure! It took a few tries for this to work. I think I was "moving" too fast for my aura/energy.

    Today I was using this 'energy/aura body' to "reach" inside my physical body to relax tense areas. It was nice to be able to lie perfectly still and "feel" myself massage and relax every part of my body. It reminded me of the movie Matrix, when Neo reached into Trinity's chest to massage her heart and bring her back to life.

    I'm sure this isn't anything new, just another way of looking at it. Has anyone else harnessed their energy/mind like this? Is there a proper name I should be referring to this by in the future?

    Enjoy the Journey,
  • esfenoidesesfenoides
    Posts: 58
    Nice. I'll give you my take and my version of things like that.

    To be able to better percieve that aura you could try just passing your hands on top of a structure trying to make out in your minds eye an imagined volume of the surface below (physical) and the surrounding feild. No just place your hands hovering around the area just at the right distance where you feel it more intensly expresses itself. Now try to hold on there with the softest and most adaptable hands to the waves and volumes you might be feeling. Its like your hands are pages made out of cork frloating in the sea. If you look at it too hard you will loose it, soft awareness. Experiment on just listening to the area. You have to be aware of your body and the space that surrounds you, and in that image include whats happening under your hands as a part of that perception, there is everything else and this too.

    Alternatively you can softly place hands on the area and just listen to the patterns that arise. Normaly what is better percieved are waves and ondulations, some times little tissue readjustments.

    When your hands are hovering and feeling the body underneath it is very common ot feel that the virtual sensorial representation you are doing with your hands dosent correspond with what you might see with your eyes. There might be fluctuations and adjustments. If you want to bring health to an area you have the option to feel what¡s going on in the area through your hands and your physical awarenes and just listen, watch how it organizes itself. Dont judge what you listen just obsere/whitness.
  • alvalv
    Posts: 179
    Wow to both MartyB and esfenoids.

    My aura experiences:
    1. Be in completely dark room, very important no light as even the slightest bit of light I can sense with my eyes closed. Then observe your Auro at your extremeties the fingers and toes are glowing and vibrating and most interesting this is observed with your third eye - the eyes you can shut.

    2. Do some energy charging exercises, imagine your aura around you, now play some music and feel it vibrating your aura and after a while the music gets louder and you feel it start vibrating your skin progressing to your internal organs. I like lying on my back, on the yoga mat, with my arms making a open circle above my head, the hands about 6 inches apart, palms facing each other. Sometimes I find my hands get lifted off the floor and just hover there, no physical energy needed