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Day of effects on P-Wave Pleasure?
  • MartyBMartyB
    Posts: 80
    I very much dislike comparing my aneros pleasure with traditional penile pleasure. Due to the ever-changing infinitely variable experience the aneros offers, such a comparison is useful as men can relate to the almost static, never changing, nature of a traditional male orgasm/ejaculation.

    For many sessions before my 1st Super-O, the level of pleasure I felt with p-waves was on par with the "shrills" of penile pleasure felt while making love. The shrills I'm talking about are what you feel when you are miles away from a T-Orgasm. When you hit that right spot or have that right thought and say oh yea that was nice, but again the T-Orgasm is not in sight. P-wave pleasure rivals that of the penile version as they can last for minutes at a time verses only a quick half to one second length.

    I'm sure me head is in a box when making these generalizations. I know it is, this is just where I'm at right now.

    I had my first Super-O in the morning hours. It lasted roughly 2 minutes, the best 2 minutes of my life so far :) I didn't want to try to continue the session after I woke up or start another session too soon as to chance ruining the afterglow. I did have a session that night and I noticed a BIG difference in the level of pleasure felt from p-waves!

    P-wave pleasure the day of, was easily that felt when going into and passing the "point of no return" in a traditional sense, bordering on orgasmic at times. It was wonderful!

    I've had a few sessions since that fateful day of and noticed the pleasure levels have returned to what they had been. Has anyone else had a similar experience? And where are you at now?

    Enjoy the journey,
  • MartyBMartyB
    Posts: 80
    There was one more "day of effect" I forgot about. That night, just as I started to drift off to sleep and dream visuals start to come into focus, there was something else I saw and heard with them. I saw flashes of white light synchronized with higher pitched warbling sound. The flashes and sounds were beating around 4-6 times a second. I was freaked out the first time it happened and woke myself up. It happened a second time and lasted 10-15 seconds before I woke up again. There was no pleasure or feelings of any kind (other than my reaction) with the event.

    Does this sound like energy in my head? It seemed kinda strange, I'm not sure how I would use something like that. I've never felt a vibrational energy above my diaphragm before.

    Enjoying the light show on the journey,
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hey MartyB! :D

    More great news as your journey is accelerating to another level. P-waves, in my experience, can quickly increase in power as you describe. Very early in my KSMO practice they became "Very Insistent" and it took courage to relax and let them go wherever they were determined to go in my body. So, I relate to your recent experience! This is all good for you.

    These (later on) "day of effects" and Day-After Effects are significant phenomena in the body's own experimenting with its rewiring as it is underway, IMHO. I suspect the timing and power levels you have had are related to the fact that your Super-O occurred when you were transitioning between wakefulness and deeper sleep.

    Your sound and light show happened in the same circumstances, and your body/mind may just be predisposed to activating in that liminal body/mind state. I get interesting activations in my nightly journeys down to hypnagogia, on the way to deep sleep.

    As you've seen in Bop's Lucid Dreaming thread here there are references there to hypnagogia if you like. :wink:

    Light is a fundamental form of communication in bacteria and other levels of life. Light can be a form of transformed or higher (highest?) order transmutation of orgasmic energies. In my blog I describe penile vaginal energies exchanges, without seminal fluid exchange being involved. I have had such energies exchanges with mrs. a, happen as light, and confirmed this with Jack at KSMO who has also had that experience. A white-light laser beam flash where my penis was! 8) The future may be so bright, ya gonna need shades!:lol: :lol:

    Sound and light of a very gentle all-embracing and ethereal nature have been part of our spiritual orgasms experience, such as in the "Beyond Words..." entry in my blog.

    Have you seen the movie Fifth Element and the final climax scene? It is worth viewing!!! :shock:

    More energies to monitor, measure and manifest!

    hang on as your journey continues to accelerate friend