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it's just a few questions
  • sgrsgr
    Posts: 7
    As those of us rewire etc, there are some fundamental questions I bring to the experts.

    Is the involuntary the same as the pulsating/rectal motion you have when you have a trad orgasm? Or is an involuntary the drawing in of the aneros?

    In videos by arcticwolves there seems to be a pulsating movement by the aneros , is that controlled or involuntary?

    Is the idea once the aneros is involuntarily drawn in to hold that contraction on a base level the whole session?

    Sorry, just trying to fumble towards ecstasy. :shock:
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Welcome sgr!

    The fundamental idea is that involuntary pulsating muscle contractions develop from very slight, light tiny sensations (for many) gradually into powerful automatic propulsion of your aneros so that it is giving you an automated, hands-free prostate massage.

    We all feel these things a little differently as the variety of reported experiences here in the Forum demonstates. It can therefore be difficult to identify exactly which twitches you are speaking about.

    AW has reported his motions in his vids are involuntaries as he experiences them, if I recall correctly.

    Check the Wiki and the Stickie threads here for good advice on the role of gently and briefly held voluntaries as a prompter for involuntaries. You can always also do a site search here using that tool at the upper right on most pages specifying your key area or interest.

    all the best on your journey


    all the best