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Not your average Super-O
  • JoshJosh
    Posts: 2
    Let me first tell you about my crazy sex life. I lost my virginity at age 16. I had sex fairly regularly until I was 18. From age 18 to 28 I had no sexual partners. I did however masturbate… a lot. Then I met the woman that would later become my wife, and I developed a problem. Let me explain.

    During almost every single session with my wife, I could not “get off”. Most times I would have to pound away furiously, or go to the bathroom and finish myself off. It’s been like this since we met. I can never get in the “zone”. I assume everyone here knows what I mean by that. In 2008 I saw the MGX in a catalog. I read up about here on the forums and thought, hell, I’ll try anything to have a better sex life. I was embarrassed when I told her I wanted to try it, but she was very supportive and told me to go for it.

    I bought the MGX on June 23rd 2008. I figured you can’t go wrong with a company’s “Flagship product”. I spent the next 9 months trying and failing to achieve anything close to an orgasm. Every time I would have a session, I would have the “precum” as many refer to it. It would last a few minutes and then stop. I would maintain an erection throughout the entire session on most sessions. Very few sessions ended with a flaccid penis. Every single session would end with masturbation and disappointment. Sure it feels good, but I always felt as if the Aneros was just giving me a slightly better orgasm. With the preparations and cleanup afterward, it hardly seemed worth it.

    I must admit however, I never gave up. Anytime I would find myself alone for a couple of hours, I would go through my cleaning-out ritual, lube up and go to town. I have tried just about everything on the forums. Nothing worked… ever. I have, however, found that the Aneros helps get me in the “zone” during sex. If I am having problems (as I usually do) I go slip it in and come back to find, I am in the zone almost instantly. I can then finish within minutes and that makes the wife very happy. I also feel I should point out (in case anyone searches the forums for this) every time I have an orgasm while having sex with my wife, the Aneros tries to pop out. Many times I spend most of my orgasm trying to keep it in so it doesn’t make a mess of the sheets. If anyone has a solution for this, please let me know.

    After 9 moths of failures and constant research on the forums, I decided that maybe the MGX was not for me. I read about many people having success with the Helix, and many others claiming success with the Progasm. I couldn’t make up my mind so I bought both.
    On March 20th 2009 I received both of them. After work I instantly tried them both on for size. The Helix was much more aggressive at first and then tapered off. I then decided to try the Progasm. Insertion was very difficult the first time. Yes, it did hurt a little. I later read that inserting with a scooping motion helps, and that’s how I do it now. It’s still uncomfortable at first, but I adjust rather quickly.

    Both the Helix and Progasm performed exactly like the MGX. Disappointment! It was however still fun to play with them and try to achieve the Super-O. I now recognize I was having Mini-O’s during some of my sessions. It’s hard to know what a Mini-O is until you have the Super-O. I have modified my MGX and Helix by cutting off their tails. It makes use during sex much easier. The P-tab on my Progasm broke off and I nearly threw it away. I am SO glad I did not. I used a Dremel and smoothed down the plastic so I could still use it. It doesn’t feel as good, but I am so thankful for the way things worked out. If the Progasm hadn’t broken, I don’t think I would be writing this now.

    Here we go. My wife and her friend went out tonight and I find myself alone for at least 5 hours. Party time, know what I mean? I started with the MGX. After about 20 minutes, I am not getting anything from it. I moved on to the Progasm. With the P-tab broken off, this thing doesn’t pivot right. This causes me to have to maneuver it by hand. After about an hour, my arm is killing me and I can’t get the same angle using my left hand. Here we get graphic, and I hope I can paint a picture that everyone can see.

    I lay on my back on the bed on top of a towel. I took the end of the towel that’s toward my feet, and holding each side, I used it to pull down on the stub where the P-tab used to be. This causes the Prograsm to pivot up (forwards) to my prostate. The feeling was intense but I didn’t think it would lead to much. Eventually I tucked the towel under my ass and this freed up my hands. I then find myself thrusting my weight into it since it’s now stationary being held by the towel. I picked my feet up and bent my knees almost to my chest and started thrusting because it felt pretty good. Yes I realize the position is very weird. After about an hour of riding, adjusting, riding more, I felt something change. My prostate felt sensitive and it never feels that way. I flipped over and started manually thrusting it (hard, but not too hard) into my prostate and the feelings just kept getting better.

    After about another 10 minutes I went back to the previous position (on back using towel to hold Progasm. The feeling just kept getting more and more intense. Finally at some point after changing positions over and over, I realized I was in a Super-O. I didn’t feel the transition and I was barely able to recognize that’s what was going on. I found myself screaming “yes!” and “right there” as if I needed coaching. I feel silly telling you guys about that, but that’s how it happened. By this time, my erection is completely gone. No precum, just a flaccid penis. I couldn’t believe I could have such a great feeling and not have an erection. I spent probably the next 90 minutes having orgasm after orgasm.

    Finally I decided to try on the MGX and Helix to see if they could hit this same spot. I found the MGX (which I almost disowned by now) is hitting the spot better than the Helix can. After experimenting with these 2, I put the Progasm back in and had a few more orgasms. Then I decided I better start cleaning up and putting things away, but I put in the MGX while I did all that. It was awesome. I could flex and it felt so good. I kept it in until I was finished cleaning up the others. I finally took it out so I could concentrate on writing this.

    I also want to tell everyone here that I have read over and over that during a Super-O, the Aneros drives itself. This was not true for me. Every Super-O I achieved tonight was driven by my own hand. It would be awesome if I didn’t have to drive, but that’s how it is for me. Maybe it has something to do with my difficulties of having a regular orgasm. I have no idea why I have to put so much pressure on my prostate to get that feeling. Also I would like to say to anyone who is having problems achieving the Super-O:

    1. The feeling I got that drove me into the Super-O was a feeling much like that of climbing the rope in gym class. Once I was able to find that spot I focused on it and that took me all the way.

    2. Don’t give up. I’ve been at this over a year and it finally happened. I am so excited, and I hope that my experience helps guide you a little closer to your Super-O.

    And lastly, I would like to apologize for making such a huge post. I know many people prefer short posts, but I wanted to make sure I gave you all the information in case someone else finds it helpful.
  • JoshJosh
    Posts: 2
    Finally had my 2nd Super-O.

    It was not as spectacular as the first, but it was very nice.
    I used the same method as above. I have been trying about every other day since my first Super and have not even come close. I finally decided to go with the method that got me there the first time and it seemed to finally work after about 30 minutes of really grinding.

    I didn't wind up in the same cloudy headed state this time. I'd say this one was more controllable and less intense. I think if I had applied more pressure and stayed with it longer, I might have had the same experience I had the first time. I now know the first time was a "mind-bender" and this one was not.

    I sure hope they get easier to attain. It's hard for me to get enough free time to spend on getting that Super-O.

    Can anyone tell me if they are easier to get with practice?
  • Thanks Josh, I have been on this Journey for a bout a month and have the helix. Used it a few times with no results. So, I got the cd and realized that I must, as you stated, put pressure on the prostate. Only the cd suggests that you do it with your sphincter muscles by contracting and HOLDING. Its the holding part that I had been missing. I haven't had a chance to get back to it since I learned this on sunday but I have a renewed mission. I am learning and find this all very fascinating.
    Thanks for your post and I wish you well on your journey.