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new user looking for help. trying to be patient
  • sprig1sprig1
    Posts: 1
    I am a new aneros user. I got the MGX in a starter pack because I am new to this whole thing. The prostate orgasm and prostate milking is something that sounds amazing and I want in! I have read some of the blogs and realize that this will take time and that it seems that the key is relaxation. I have used the aneros twice without much success yet. I get a slight feeling like I have to pee, like I read in the instructions, but this is only if I put mild pressure on the back tab of the MGX to give it a little more foreward pressure. Im looking for some pointers and also, is the MGX too small, should I get the Helix which appears to have more prostate contact? Anxiously waiting for some good results but still being patient. My wife wants me to try it with her, does this help? Thought it was a prostate only orgasm. Your guidance will be greatly appreciated.
  • Anon17564Anon17564
    Posts: 57
    Good evening;

    Have you looked at the Wiki yet? I believe it has some useful information with regards to your queries.