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Three sessions and I'm sold
  • When I bought a Fleshlight about a year ago, I looked through their entire website, out of pure curiosity. I stumbled upon their "Male G-Spot" section. I don't know why, but at the time I dismissed the whole idea. As time passed, however, I got tired of my Fleshlight; not that it’s not a wonderful device, however, it’s only a little better than jerking off and often not worth the trouble. My frustration led me back to the Male G-spot section, where my interest commenced.

    Upon further inspection, it was clear that the Aneros had the best reviews. I quickly found this website and began reading vigorously. I have always been jealous of woman’s ability to have stronger, and more frequent orgasms. I could hardly believe what I was reading: men having full body, multiple orgasms. I was skeptical, yet I continued reading, exhausting the entire Wiki site, until finally I placed my order. I was drawn to the Helix, and only had to wait for my shipment.

    The day it arrived was bittersweet, mostly bitter. I kept myself near the front door all day, waiting anxiously for UPS. When the doorbell ran, I amazed the driver by how swiftly I opened my door. I could not wait. I was shaking with anticipation and nerves. Like a rocket I opened the box, the package, and began my journey. With blanket down, myself lubed up; I thought I was ready. My anticipation and impatience got the better of me, however. After about 20 minutes of contracting I gave up. I finished off with a traditional ejaculation, but even that was lackluster. I felt like throwing the thing away, but I knew this was semi-common, so I tried again the next day.

    On this day I had more success. I prepared myself as much as I could, I took a relaxing bath, had a BM, used excessive lube, and spent a good 15 minutes relaxing after insertion. About 20 minutes in, I started to go into a trance and began feeling the P-waves. Then, like a shotgun to the face, my dad knocked on my door. He was home sooner than expected. My god, I felt like killing him but I had to play stupid; surely I was only reading.

    After I finally lost him, I debated on continuing my session. My peace was lost, he was home, and I was recovering from adrenaline. I had to see where those P-waves led, though. This time it took about half an hour before I felt them again. With my recovered peace, I rode the waves to something truly blissful, yet extreme. The waves got shorter, stronger, more pronounced. Soon I was contracted continuously. My legs started to shake, my abdomen clenched. My breathing had quickened at first was now being involuntarily held in. I lost my breath and that’s what ended it. That was two days ago.

    Today was unbelievable. After taking all the proper preparation, excluding the bath, I lubed up and went at it. My god, after three minutes I was feeling the waves, another five before I was back to shaking, but lost it again from lack of breath. I took a break, gathered my breath, and then tried again. Whoa, five contractions (not minutes) were all it took this time. I collected what little concentration I had to breathing; I broke into a new point. All control was lost. I could not believe where I was, my whole body was convulsing, my arms and legs tingled and shook, my breathing gave way to moaning; it was unreal. More astonishingly was that I was able to have these feeling almost on command for the remainder of the session, with essentially no break. My session lasted about an hour and a half; in that time I experienced about 10-15 of these extreme pleasurable convulsions, lasting about 3-5 minutes each. I am sold.

    Immediately after this session the thought that deeper and more intense orgasms were possible began eating away at me. Even though I have no previous anal experience, even though I have only had my Helix for four days now, I ordered a Progasm; I had to. Again I wait.