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Energies Amplifier: Chakras Composer
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    If you have an iPhone or iPodTouch, there is an App, called Chakras Composer, that we at KSMO are finding to be an amazing amplifier of orgasmic energies and wider energies!

    John Gregorek, the author's website Publications page with Chakras Composer is:

    I've just added a further report on the great experience this morning that mrs. a and I had (and are still highly energized by :D :D ) after following our own sequence of moving up the chakras with the bell tones and binaural soundings, in my post on Circulating Energies with Your Partner without including Genital Contact in my blog at:

    If you have any energy effects happening during your Aneros sessions or as Day-After Effects as others are indicating they are having too in that Poll , then you may well benefit from the Chakras Composer tone tool too! :lol:

    Now I am looking forward to using these chakra tones during an Aneros session soon, perhaps with the entrancing, enhancing, embedding, empantsing, new Ice goddess!:wink:

    all the greatest energetic ecstasies all