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  • I wasn't going to post this because I thought it would be too long of a post and a big time consumer for me, but I thought it might be helpful so I decided to post the shortest version possible.

    Four days ago I started using fantasy as a fuel to build arousal.

    Four days ago I had an Aneros breakthrough. Last night I had a great Aneros session with a few weak mini-o (I slept with the Aneros (sgx) in by mistake). This morning I woke up to by body having pleasurable spasms and convulsions. Ten minutes after I woke up I had multiple mini-o. Half an hour later the mini-o grew in intensity. At the end of the session I was having strong mini-o and (arguably a few dry-o), but I'm not too sure what that entails. There were also a few moments when my body felt like it had stopped existing and froze up as if something was about to "give" (I felt this thought my entire body).

    I had my first "flowing" pre-ejaculate experience on Friday. I was extremely aroused and my penis was bobbing and bouncing around wildly until it became very stiff. After the maximum erection was achieved my penis became very still (the blood had filled to the maximum volume and couldn't move any more). At that point I felt so really deep erotic feelings and pre-ejaculate had started to drip out at a rapid pace WOW!!!!!
    It was something I had never experienced before.

    I took that chance to lube up the SGX and insert it. At that point my penis had turned into a faucet. It was so rewarding and sexually fulfilling to finally experience that event. I was also feeling really good. I won't go into detail, but I probably could have gone all of the way that night if I didn't have piles of work (stress) to think about.

    see below

    It's Monday here in Japan

    Friday-Listened to audio recording of two women giving visual clues and "audio" to simulate their sexual actions. (I almost ejaculated this day with no stimulation except for my thoughts)(then I lubed up the sgx and gave it a try)

    Saturday- Listened to various audio recording of women giving visual clues and "audio" to simulate their sexual actions. (same as Friday with less pre-ejaculate)

    Sunday- Listened to 70's 80's Pornography stars giving visual clues and "extreme audio" to simulate their wild sexual actions. (tried to recreate Friday’s events with less luck with the Aneros in and more luck without it)(tried again later that day with more success)

    Monday- :oops: (woke up this morning in bliss)

    I left out a bunch of jucy details........gomenaisai