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Using the Helix--Great! But it takes patience
  • anewbieanewbie
    Posts: 1
    Note: I made a correction to the amount of lubricant I used (below). It was actually 5 ml not "5 teaspoons".

    I'm a single 39 year old heterosexual male. I chose the Helix based on a review I read online on prostate massagers. I've had my Helix for a little more than a month. I had a little experience with another prostate massager that taught me I might need more lubricant in the rectum, so I also bought a syringe, but I didn't use it at first. I've used Gun Oil H2O as my lubricant.

    At first I was uneducated. I tried following the directions in the packaging for the Helix, but I only put lube on the Helix, with nothing extra in the rectum. I did this a few times with disappointing results, but through this I got used to the feeling of having the Helix inserted. I got frustrated enough that I came to the Aneros forum to see what others had done and I got some good ideas. A couple things I learned was that it's important to add extra lubricant into the rectum, and I didn't necessarily have to lie on my side as it said on the "standard" instructions. I also checked out the wiki which had some other helpful suggestions. I've found through experience that doing the prescribed exercise given on this site hasn't been helpful to me.

    I've tried various positions. The one I like best is lying on my back, knees bent with my feet flat on the bed, close to my butt, and my knees a few inches apart. I put a towel down on the bed since I get pretty sweaty doing this.

    I took a suggestion I saw in the forum here of taking a piece of tissue and putting it between the p-tab and my perineum. I read that if you feel discomfort you need to remedy that or else it'll kill your chances of achieving orgasm. When I get aroused from using the Helix my perineum becomes super sensitive, so having that padding there really helps.

    I've also tried varying the amount of lube I use. Over the course of a month I've had some good and some not so good experiences with the Helix, but nothing groundbreaking, due to the fact that I was using an amount of lube that wasn't conducive to achieving orgasm.

    I've really practiced relaxing with the Helix inserted. I heard this over and over again in this forum: it's important to relax. And it is. I've tried to be conscious of what my muscles are doing in the rectum area, because I noticed that sometimes the sensations would cause me to tense up down there and I figured this was keeping the Helix from massaging the prostate as fully as it could. So I kept practicing feeling the sensations while staying relaxed, if I could. I've worked on contracting the sphincter while keeping the rectum relaxed. It takes practice. If I tensed up I didn't feel bad about it. I would just work on relaxing. It's a continuous process.

    A couple nights ago I finally achieved what felt like a milestone, a *real* orgasm with the Helix, and it felt real good! Here's how I did it:

    1. I kept the position I describe above: flat on my back, knees bent, feet flat on the bed near the butt, knees a few inches apart.

    2. I tried for the first time putting a pillow under the upper part of my butt to keep the handle of the Helix from touching the bed (the Aneros is supposed to be "free floating").

    3. I used extra lubricant, inserted in the rectum via. syringe. I've tried following a suggestion I saw on here where I get on all fours and then put the extra lube in, so that it will be deposited on the prostate.

    It's amazing how the amount of lube you use can entirely change the experience. I had "light" orgasms if I put a full syringe in. They felt good, but they didn't go out with a "bang". I tried putting in 2 syringes worth of lube a few times, thinking that more would be better. I was surprised. It was about as bad as putting in no extra lube--disappointing. So I thought maybe I'd try putting in less than one syringe full. I put in lube up to the "5 ml" marker on the syringe, about 25% less than I usually use (or if you prefer "I filled it up to 75% of the syringe"). Oh my God, it really made a difference!

    Before, it used to feel best if I didn't try to consciously contract/relax the sphincter, but just let my body's natural reaction to the presence of the Helix do its thing. It seemed to work, but like I said I didn't get to a climax that was that satisfying. This time I consciously contracted and relaxed the sphincter, but in a calm way. I didn't really put a lot of effort into it. Sometimes when I contracted my body would jerk it forcefully into the rectum, I guess from the stimulation. I just let this happen as it did, and kept at it.

    This time I got great sensations coming from the prostate area that I could feel were coming from the massaging action right from the start! This hadn't happened before (with no extra lube, and too much). What I got before was either no sensation from consciously moving it, or sensation that felt intense but kind of irritating. The great sensations lasted throughout the session (they didn't used to). Nothing I did seemed to make me lose "sexual momentum" (I used to lose it if I tried conscious action). The sensations I was getting from passing the Helix in and out felt deep and good, like when I first felt around for my prostate in the shower with my finger. I could just barely reach it, but I rubbed it a little and I got this same sensation, so I knew I was on to something good.

    I had read in the instructions that there would come a point after about 30-60 contractions with deep breathing where I could contract-and-hold the Aneros with my sphincter and this would cause an orgasm. When I tried this before it didn't work at all. This time it still didn't, but what I did instead is I gave up the idea of trying to do an exercise, and just kept moving the Helix, and decided to try to "play it by ear". I must've moved it in and out more than 100 times. I thought maybe I would reach a point that felt like "the point of no return" when masturbating, and I would contract-and-hold then, and this would give me an orgasm. And that's what happened.

    I reached a point where my prostate (or perhaps the glands below it, but I'll use "prostate" generally) started to feel like a "sensitive mound". It wasn't "orgasmic" yet, but I could definitely tell where it was and that it was being massaged as I moved the Helix. The muscles around my ankles started to tense up, then my lower legs. I figured this was a good sign since this was what my body always did leading up to an orgasm. Then my thighs started to tense up. Then my sphincter did some involuntary quick and forceful spasms, as did my butt cheeks. These were brief and didn't continue for more than about a minute. Before this point I would occasionally check my prostate with the Helix, just contracting and holding to see what it did. If it didn't feel like it was at "the point of no return" I just kept going with the in/out action. Finally I hit the PONR, and I contracted and held. It was working! I could feel the intensity build in my prostate as I held the Helix in place, an intense tingling sensation, with the epicenter right where the Helix was pressing into the prostate. As the intensity built up my body took over. It seemed to be acting on its own with the muscles in my rectum. I could feel my sphincter contract some involuntarily, but by then that area felt kind of numb (not like it was asleep. In a good way). My rectal muscles might've pressed down on the Helix, because it kind of felt like it was positioned *sideways* in there! My prostate at this moment felt like what I always expected it would feel like--orgasmic. Then waves of pleasure started coursing through my whole body, more and more intense. My heart was racing. My penis became erect. I could feel a pressure building at the base of my penis like it would just before orgasm from masturbating. I started hyperventilating a little. It felt great but kind of odd. I had never felt an orgasm of this magnitude without masturbating. I actually thought, "How could this be happening when I'm not massaging my penis??" I got a little scared that the sensations would get so intense I wouldn't be able to handle it (reminiscent of when I had my very first orgasm). The orgasm lasted for about 2 minutes. Great! :) It was a dry orgasm, like they all have been. All that came out was some pre-cum. It was the best orgasm I had had in years. I felt satisfied...finally!

    This took me 2 hours to achieve. When I've used the Helix I've never had it work from start to finish in 5 minutes, like is typical for masturbation.

    I'm going to continue experimenting with different amounts of lube to see if there's an amount that's even more ideal.

    I don't know if I achieved a "Super O". I've read other people describe themselves flopping around like a fish when that happens. This wasn't like that. It was like other orgasms I've rarely had in the past--really good ones!

    I've found that the Helix has improved my overall health in the groin/butt area. I'll explain. I had a minor case of hemorrhoids for years. I sit a lot for my work (and leisure). I think the contracting action from using the Helix is helpful in treating the condition. That's what I've found.

    I've noticed that I've started having spontaneous erections again, like I did when I was younger, since I began using the Helix.

    Also, the prostate massage has changed the way my sex organs behave when stimulated (w/o the Helix inserted). It used to be when I'd masturbate I'd reach a "pre-orgasmic" state within the first minute. If I just kept going as normal I'd climax quickly. I'd often try to get over what I thought of as a "speed bump", just by carefully manipulating my penis to just get past that point, and then I could continue to a regular orgasm several minutes later. Now I don't have to worry about this at all because the premature ejaculation just doesn't happen.

    I tried using my Fleshlight recently (I *highly* recommend this as a masturbation sleeve!) and I achieved an intensity in the orgasm that I had not felt from using it for a long time.

    So the Helix not only has given me one of the best orgasms of my life, but has also helped me "fix" some things that had been bothering me about my health "down there" for a long time.

    Thanks Aneros.