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New Guy looking for an Aneros
  • I have been having problems for a year or so now. I have been diagnosed with prostatitis. I went to a couple of urologists and after taking several antibiotics and spending lots of money I am still in pain. I drive a truck so I sit on my butt all the time.

    My main reason for visiting here is to decide which Aneros to get. My main objective is to drain my prostate. I have read in many places that this is key to curing my problem. I purchased a device called the crystal clear wand. Its kind of a bent L shape with a ball on the end. I thought this would do the trick, but it doesn't seem to apply pressure like the urologist does. I don't know if is too short or what. I am assuming I need whatever the longer aneros is or maybe I just need something with a larger diameter? I don't know. Any tips would be appreciated.
  • rumelrumel
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    Welcome to the Forum,

    The Aneros prostate massagers were designed to be used as hands free devices, powered only by the users own internal muscles. As such the massage action provided is very safe and gentle. The pressure/force thus created is distinctly less than the levels of that can be applied via other devices (such as the Crystal Wand) or via manual digital massage.

    While an Aneros device can accomplish a “milking” action to achieve the kind of prostate drainage you are seeking it is not the most effective tool for doing so and as such I would not recommend you purchase one for this purpose. However, if you are looking for a very gentle, long term approach to invigorating your prostate, then it may be the Aneros will work well for you.
  • hi, i have found the mgx the BEST by design to milk the prostate. I have tried the eupho, helix and progasm and still found the MGX to milk the prostate better. Don't force it to happen just let i do it on its own. Be patient and dont try to force it to work. Good Luck.
  • hi, i have found the mgx the BEST by design to milk the prostate. I have tried the eupho, helix and progasm and still found the MGX to milk the prostate better. Don't force it to happen just let i do it on its own. Be patient and dont try to force it to work. Good Luck.

    Do I just slip it up in there and relax for a while or do I squeeze my muscles down there? I'm wondering what the best method is to achieve the milking? My doctor told me to have lots of sex, but for whatever reason my wife is unwilling so I have to accomplish ejaculation/prostate drainage somehow. It seemed like I felt sore but better for like a week after the doctor used his finger to squeeze my prostate. It worried me that nothing came out though. I've had it done 5 times. I can't afford the time off or the deductibles for office visits for no result. I may return to the doctor again because the pain can be pretty bad at times.
  • InverseInverse
    Posts: 36
    Are you used to anal toys at all? If I had to do it all over again, I would go for the Prograsm just due to the size and shape lends itself to more arousal for me, hence easier stimulation of the prostate.

    ...but if arousal isn't your concern, then I think any of the aneros products might not be too helpful. The Helix doesn't really "milk" my prostate like anothers fingers can. If I could turn my hand 360 degrees I wouldn't even need the Aneros. But as far as anal toys go that put pressure on the prostate it's pretty effective, if subtle. Lots of lube and time for oneself can = great fun with the toy.
  • Diesel2215Diesel2215
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    MGX for me 2!!! The Progasm a bit big for someone who's but was sore for a week after a finger was in there.

    Just IMHO!


  • autumnautumn
    Posts: 22
    I'm sorry to hear of your condition coolbreeze and hope you are able to find relief from the discomfort soon.

    Have you tried external self massage of the prostate? I had an aneros session recently that I'd like to share with you as that might be worth exploration whether you have an aneros or not. I use rumel's HypnAerosession with my aneros and part of that process is to gently tickle/stroke one's scrotum. However on this particular occasion I felt drawn to gently massage the area between my scrotum and anus. As I continued with this it quite quickly became firm and it was so pleasurable I didn't want to stop. In the end I had an orgasm just from massaging this area and without any contact with my penis at all. The reason I mention it is because it really emptied the tanks! :lol: Unless my understanding of physiology is completely off I believe this is because I was externally massaging my prostate. Given what you've said that might be worth a try? In any case I wish you all the best with it.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353

    there is a huge body of urological information out there on pain in this region.

    a major line of thinking proposes that the problem is often not an infection, but is muscular tension in the pelvic floor. on this line of thinking, draining or massaging your prostate, or antibiotics, are red herrings.

    i strongly recommend you check out these two books:

    these books specifically address "prostatitis" and they advance the idea that it is not actually prostatitis at all, but referred pain from the muscular tension. I have had very significant success following their approach (but, of course, your situation might be different than mine.)

    i too have the Crystal Wand Deluxe, but i use it to do internal massage of my muscles NOT MY PROSTATE.

    DO NOT AGGRESSIVELY MASSAGE YOUR PROSTATE!!!!! you can easily do damage. i do not think draining your prostate will help you at all. that is largely discredited as a therapeutic approach.