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Progasm Problem
  • hulahula
    Posts: 234
    After years of just having an MGX and a Eupho in my arsenal, I decided to take the opportunity to buy a Progasm. My first session was a mixed bag. I was so excited I had a hard time relaxing, and I also was a little nervous, because I had a hard time inserting it, despite internal lubing and lots of lube that I've used before on the Progasm.

    I got some very intense reactions, to say the least, but here's a problem I have had with the first two sessions. With the MGX and the Eupho, I have learned how to apply outward pressure, as if I am bearing down on a bm while at the same time slightly clamping my urinary sphincter, like I am trying not to pee. This always brought on some great sensations with the MGX and the Eupho, and I have only had a few occasions where the Eupho or the MGX slipped out. With the Progasm, when I do that expelling type action, the whole thing goes out past the middle lobe, and then I just can't get it to go back in without hand assistance, which kills the whole involuntary, let it happen, vibe. The center part of the Progasm is so fat, it doesn't want to go back in by itself. Any suggestions from the pros out there?

    I know that the whole Aneros thing is full of paradoxes. Compared to the Progasm, the Eupho looks like Olive Oyl's skinny sister, yet that never pops out. The Progasm looks like an SUV, but that pops out.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello hula, :)

    Your particular contraction technique has never done much for me. So I don't have the problem of my Progasm popping out. It only sometimes does that when I have a super-T with the Progasm inserted. Perhaps try a different technique. The two that come to mind are:

    A.) Completely relax. No contractions. Try to focus on any little sensation in your prostate and anus area.

    B.) Try a different type of contraction. What works for me is what I describe as a half anal contraction, half PC contraction. The end result is that it feels like my anus is only gripping on the front half. But there may be other contractions and/or techniques you can try that might work well for you.

    I'm sure a bunch of other users will chime in and recommend some different ideas.
    Good luck! :)

  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    BTDT. :(

    Was surprised at my first 'ejection' of the Progasm. I think it's caused by either insufficient lube or lube that's not covering the entire length of the tool...particularly the head.

    I'm still a nube at anal play but think that reasonable bearing down should cause the rectal wall to slide across/around the head of the Progasm and not shove it downward with enough force to overpower your sphincter.

    Solution might be to take a few minutes before you start your session routine and work on just distributing the lube all around the Progasm.

    Try this...after you insert and briefly relax to accommodate the Progasm:
    do a half-dozen slow and gentle contraction-beardown cycles on each side, your belly and your back. Then, wait a minute and repeat with just a bit more contraction-beardown in each position. A good test of how well you've done this is to see how much tool mobility you have while lying on your side.

    Then, you'll be more ready to proceed with the session.

    Other Progam tips:
    -if you like water based pre-lube, add a bit of Crisco to the tool before inserting it.

    -In comparison to the Helix and SGX, I've found that it's more difficult to isolate the forward sphincter from the PC. I'm trying a session of Kegels with the Progasm each week. That seems to be be helping.
  • hulahula
    Posts: 234
    Thanks for the advice. I definitely used a lot of lube on both sessions. I think the learning curve is a little steeper than the MGX, which was a total natural for me.

    Do you find the same positions work for different models, or do you have to go with something different? I was using the kneeling position
  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    hula said:

    Do you find the same positions work for different models, or do you have to go with something different? I was using the kneeling position

    Yup, Last week I was toying with the Helix and the Eupho -- same session, same lube. Found that with the Helix I got the nicest prostate rubbing when on my belly. With Eupho it was the opposite...better prostate stim on my back. (no guys, I didn't have the Eupho in backwards... :shock:

    Internal geometry is different for everyone and there are going go be subtle differences depending on where the waste load is in the gastric system. So what's true at one time might be different at another.

    Based on a sample size of "one" the Eupho would be my choice since the nips are more accessible.
  • hulahula
    Posts: 234
    Still not getting the maximum benefit out of the Progasm. I think part of the problem is unlike the mgx and eupho, I cannot "suck" the Progasm back in once it gets pushed down and out beyond a certain point, and I don't know when that happens until it's too late.