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Multi-Os While Aneros in Draw
  • STARR831STARR831
    Posts: 70
    I'm a 59 year old 8 week newbie. My wife and I took the night off and my Aneros collection stayed in the draw. I woke up this morning with a not uncommon semi-firm cock AND, to my delight, an extended wave-upon-wave of great dry Os - lasting at least 45 minutes. It hasn't taken many thoughts of my dear wife today to kick a mini-wave w/ Os into gear. My rewiring process has been a wild and wonderful ride thus far. Is this just a passing experience or will this wave experience come along for our ride into old age? :lol:
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi STARR831

    Congratulations! You are one of the very lucky early rapid progress men, and also one who experiences Day-After Effects, which can persist into the advancing rewiring in evolving, varied forms. You may want to take a look at the Day-After Effects Poll

    Many of us experience plateaus and pauses on the journey as well as the rapid accelerations for those of us who have been blessed with them. Even during rapid progress, as well as the pauses and waits, the important thing is to maintain patience, lack of specific expectations, and openness to allowing these energies to express themselves to you and through you with your partner, IMHO, as your uniquely individual rewiring takes shape.

    We are fundamentally separating orgasmic response and energies from the ejaculation response; that is the key. Our orgasmic energies can be transmuted/transformed into other strong bioenergetic phenomena in our lives. JING (orgasmic) > CHI (life force) > SHEN (spiritual) is the core classification most known through the Taoist tradition and teachings, but also common to the esoteric Christian, Jewish, Muslim (Sufi) and other religions and spiritual traditions.

    You may want to use the Search function here and use the term "spiritual orgasm" to find threads discussing this. Pan, esfenoides and others here are exploring these phenomena from both the spiritual traditions side and the scientific side and their integration, such as in and

    It is a shared experience expressed here and in our individual blogs, that the particulars of each of our experiences are highly varied even when based on variations of common elements and many levels. This is/can be/become an unfolding kaleidoscopic fractal field of experiences.

    all the best on your continuing journey in your solo experiences and those with your wife

  • valliantvalliant
    Posts: 120
    Maybe it's somewhere on this forum but asking it just the same.
    Can you describe the feeling of the waves,what do you feel when you have them.
    Do they go up and down your body,but mostly what feelings the waves have.
    Thank you,
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    Think about what a traditional orgasm with ejaculation feels like. The build up of the pleasure and then pushing you over into orgasmic ejaculation.
    Now imagine this orgasm with ejaculation hitting you and then subsiding like it normally does but then out of nowhere hitting you again and then subsiding and then hitting you again and repeating this over and over.

    Well for me it's kind of like that but instead of having an orgasm for only seconds before ejaculating I orgasm for a random amount of time (and of course no ejaculation)anywhere from 15 seconds to minutes and then it starts to subside and before the sensations get to far gone bam the second wave comes and on and on till the body decides no more. That and the orgasms don't feel like traditional ones but full body. Explanation below.

    valliant wrote

    Can you describe the feeling of the waves,what do you feel when you have them.
    Do they go up and down your body,but mostly what feelings the waves have.

    For me when the waves hit it's like there's this pressure of warm pleasure in my prostate and my dick and it seems like I hit a threshold where my body just takes over and sends me over the top and this is when this warm pressure just expands through out my body and into the full body orgasm. At this point my dick feels more erect than physically possible and like it's just going to burst but somehow doesn't.

    Then the wave will roll back out to sea and this feels like the pressure releasing only for a new pressure to quickly begin to build and begin to spread out into my whole body again. Each wave often has different intensity's of pleasure and sometimes I will think to myself "wow this is just too much it can't possibly get more intense than this."

    With that said there's many different kinds of orgasm to experience. Plus trying to describe the multiple Super O is like trying to describe what an orgasm feels like to someone who has never had one. You've just got to experience it.

    I know and hope others respond to your question as well because others here will probably be able to explain with detail better than I can and maybe paint a better picture for you. That and everybody may experience the super multiple O in different ways.

  • valliantvalliant
    Posts: 120
    Thank you Billy11 for your explanation.

    In the topic: Just a lot of hype? i wrote down my progress,here's what i've posted.

    I don't know how long i've been on my journey,stopped at one point and then picked it up again.
    I'm not achieved waves of orgasm yet but did experience some brief moments of what is out there.
    My last purchase,the eupho did help in getting more results.
    I'm progressing very slow but each session is getting better and better.
    I've now come to a point when i insert it i get instant reaction,it's like the eupho is tickling my prostate,also a pulsating in my prostate and when i try to relax i feel the eupho is being pulled in on its own,i've not experienced involutaries contractions,maybe some minor movement on its own.
    All this feelings i get with just relaxing,i don't contract or use pc muscles or anything else.
    The most pleasure i get is when i exhale and hold that for a while,at that moment my prostate is pulsating the hardest and i've get these feeling something is building up but then goes away.

    So you see i'm also one of those people who has not get the pleasure of experience the ultimate,it's taken me a long time where i'm now but i'm not giving up on this.
    I'm progressing with babysteps and its a fun journey,what i feel now is already amazing so i can't begin to think what the feeling would be to get those waves over your body for a long period of time.
    Maybe i must do contractions and work those muscles but i'm just trying to relax and for now that's taking up all of my attention because i'm having trouble relaxing my asshole,maybe thats the reason i don't get involuntaries.

    The journey continues....