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Progasm Ice Question...
  • pnomanpnoman
    Posts: 145
    For those lucky enough to have both the new Ice model and the traditional model of the progasm: How different are the two? Is the ICE that much smoother? Is it heavier? Does it move more? Let's have a review please!!!

    Thanks In Advance.

    I was gonna buy the first day, but I wanted more info from members here. I have the original progasm and it's great. Not my favorite (Eupho Rocks!) but I'm willing to try the ICE if it's very different from the original...
  • Does the different material it's made of make it more successful and comfortable than the original Aneros Progasm? And will all the other models have ice versions?
  • bobby45bobby45
    Posts: 17
    i purchased the ICE model and it's essentially the same as the regular aneros, except the plastic is a smooth texture instead of a matte texture like the regular progasm.

    it definitely moves more for me, but i actually found this to be a problem as it was more difficult to control than the regular progasm other than for manually stroking (in and out controlled contractions). definitely great for more adept users, but for people like me i'd say a little more practice before moving onto the next challenge :lol: