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First time user: The Helix is Incredible
  • hci2009hci2009
    Posts: 1
    First time user. I just received the Helix today (never used anything like it) and after an hour session all I can say is it's unbelievable (I would use stronger language but do not want to offend anyone). I have read a lot on this and figured several sessions and many hours were needed before I would experience anything at all. Boy was I wrong.

    Overall this is quite new to me and the feelings are as intense, enjoyable and new as that very first orgasm I had as a kid. This is completely different, totally unrelated to the penis. It was not involved at all and it was totally dry. This was strictly hands off other than to move the tab slightly a couple times.

    I did not do alot of prep. Just a little cleaning in the general area, some lube (maxim - not a real lot - just coated the Helix, coated the general area and that's it), it went in easier than i thought it would based on the size and I was ready. Next time I will use more lube as it felt a little dry, but not painful. When I pulled it out I realized I should have used more lube. Cleanup was not bad, I used a wet wipe to clean it off, and then soap and water. I am going to get some toy cleaner and use that next time as well. I will also try lube "shooters" and see what a difference that makes.

    I positioned myself lying on my back, knees bent, feet flat on bed. I tried other positions, but this worked, so I was not going to screw with it the first time! I found that what worked the best is when I positioned my legs for maximum awareness (a little hard to explain - its the position where I can sense the Helix with the strongest feeling).

    The first O just came on all of a sudden, not too many minutes into the session. it was like I was floating, breathing heavily, and I was just slightly scared by that feeling since it was like nothing I ever experienced before. How could I get there that fast? I heard myself talking to I guess myself since nobody else was around lol. It was simply amazing. I guess I would call it a micro-O. The next one was pretty strong and maybe 5 minutes later. I had my eyes closed and I saw what looked like fireworks going off, a feeling of calm and euphoria, quite enjoyable, and it lasted less than 10 seconds. After that I experienced something that lasted several minutes, I can't say it was intense, but it was very enjoyable, I was singing to myself, and the best way to describe it was that I was riding a wave. When this happened the Helix kind of melted and became part of my body. One way I can describe how I moved the Helix is like being on a swing, with the pumping action of your legs, except moving the Helix using contractions. When you get "in the zone" you hardly even move the Helix at all. I decided that was enough for a first session.

    Overall it was simply incredible.