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Castor Oil as lubricant for prostate massages
  • gilraygilray
    Posts: 6
    It is said here : (at the bottom of the page)

    that : " Castor Oil il the BEST lubricant for prostate massages. Regular usage turns your prostate into that of a child's."

    Has anyone ever tested it ?

    Does it still have its laxative effect when administered through an anal shooter ?
  • QuoVadisQuoVadis
    Posts: 30
    And why would one want the prostate of a child?
  • stmfttrstmfttr
    Posts: 40
    Excellent Question!!!

    As to QV's response, as we age, the prostrate enlarges. And it's also said that 90% plus of ALL men will have prostate cancer by the time they reach 80. SO... as for me, I'd take the prostate of a 15 year old, how bout the rest of you men???
  • gilraygilray
    Posts: 6
    FYI, I received the following answer from the company :

    (...) you could use an anal shooter, or if you are using a prostate massager just apply it to the massager. Castor oil only has a laxative effect when taken orally so don't worry. :) Whatever quantity fits in a shooter or on a massager will be fine. Grapeseed oil and leech oil are also great oils to use. Castor oil really makes things soft, though.

  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    Tks for the link. Sounds interesting!!

    Been looking for something to play with Shea Butter. Shopped the local drug store tonight and couldn't find any USP Castor Oil but will keep hunting or order OnLine.

    I'm sensitive to the glycerin in ID Glide and there's some glycerin fractions in Castor Oil so want to get a weeks worth of lab-animal work before I 'publish.'
  • SerenitySerenity
    Posts: 13
    Couldn't find it at, but has it:

    Let us know how it works.
  • gilraygilray
    Posts: 6
    The best place to find the castor oil (as illustrated) is in Health Food Stores.
  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    I'd suggest sticking with USP Castor Oil intended for oral consumption rather than for cosmetic production. There several different extraction sequences in producing Castor Bean products. (see Wikipedia)

    Remember that Ricin is also produced from the seed pod. (However the production of high grade Ricin is more complex).
  • nervetweaknervetweak
    Posts: 46
    Im glad this topic has come up again, We also had a discussion on castor oil a few years back here

    I use high quality castor oil with all my massagers, however I rarely use them (like once every 2 months) at the moment so I cant really comment on the effects it has on one's prostate

    plato has some good info and gives sound advice so I think it is definitely worth pursuing
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    A great topic!

    Thanks nervetweak for the very helpful link and references.

    the smoothest and healthiest rides all

  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    Labrat is back.

    I tried Castor Oil, USP four times. Once by itself (4cc). Three times I used it to soften Shea Butter enough so that it would shoot at room temp. The Shea Butter got soft enough to easily shoot at about 1.5cc of Castor Oil with Shea Butter to make 5cc total. I shot 4.5cc and used the rest to coat the Aneros. (I'm using a shooter with a larger opening than the off-the-shelf item.)

    Nice smooth lube-- gets at least an A- for silkiness. Nearly as nice as 'gently warmed' Shea.

    The gastric distress that I get from water-based lubes like ID Glide was duplicated by Castor Oil and it triggered full blown IBS-A after the fourth session. All done with that one! :!: :(

    Labrat conclusion: If you've ever had IBS or get 'gastric distress' from ID Glide, forget messing with Castor Oil.

    If you are immune to water-based lubes with glycerin, you might give Castor Oil a try. On the positive side, at room temp, it seems to blend with Shea Butter more easily than did Olive Oil.
  • nervetweaknervetweak
    Posts: 46
    is it possible that the quality of the castor oil had something to do with it?

    I am very sensitive to glycerin lubes, but the castor oil i used never gave me any problems

    the one i use is organic, hexane free and cold expeller pressed, maybe that has something to do with it??
  • I tried it along with the special formula lube (home made jelly formula). It worked well, but we ended up having to steam clean the tile because of little oily spots which must have gotten onto my shoes somehow. I would recommend against it.

    I have found what works best is the special formula with the bees wax. After coating the Aneros, put coconut oil onto the device. That makes it nice and slippery and it stays that way even after three hours.

    I went a little heavy with the bees wax the last time I mixed the formula. It has lasted since the beginning of the year and I still have a third of the batch left and I use it every day. Talk about cheap lube!