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Orgasm with ejaculation during bowel movement
  • TenmagnetTenmagnet
    Posts: 4
    I have never been compelled to post on these forums since I first purchased the progasm as a birthday present to myself back in february of this year but I had an experience today that I feel obliged to share. Due to some heavy drinking the previous night before that occured in 90 degree high humidity weather without much water available I was very dehydrated and having a bit of constipation. I could feel that I had to have a bowel movement but it was just going to slow naturally so I began a bowel massage, a trick my grandma taught me so long ago in childhood. Being only 20 years old, normally I have a fairly healthy diet full in fiber and I hardly ever resort to this technique used to releive constipation but I soon found out after being rewired, bowel massage feels utterly amazing. While sitting on the toilet I began on the lower right of my abdomen where the large intestine begins massaging small circles while generally pushing up and the the right while following my pelvic bone up to the beginning of my ribcage inorder to move the feces through my large intestine manually. Right as I started I could already feeling the increased blood flow to my prostate region accompanied by very deep intense p-waves. By the time I got to the bottom right of the ribcage my prostate was buzzing and humming like crazy. I could feel a very sexual pressure begin to build on the top of my prostate. At this point I decided I was going to relax my PC muscles during the whole process in order to feel the full force of this pleasure. I then started to move across my abdomen while still continuing the small circles but instead using my knuckles to knead and slightly pushing out my stomach but adjusting so i was pushing to the left more often in order to move the feces through to large intestine (I only say the direction because if your not going one way more then the other you can just push everything back up your tubes and clog yourself). By the time i got to the lower left of my ribcage I had gone from no erection to full blown chubby with my prostate feeling like it had more pleasure and pressure then I had ever experienced before. As i starting moving down my pelvic bone switching back to small circles with the pads of my fingers my prostate began throbbing hard as my eventual shit got lodged tighter and tighter into my bowel.
    At the point when I began to release my bowel movement I could no longer hold my pc muscles relaxed. I consciencely relax this muscle during sex anytime when I'm about to ejaculate along with stopping penis stimulation inorder to hold my ejaulatory ducts closed and keep myself from cumming in order to increase my own pleasure and feelings of sexual readiness and of course make relations last longer resulting in more and heightened pleasure for both myself and my girlfriend.
    Once I began my bowel movement and let my pc muscles unrelax I felt the distintive hardenening and discharging on my seminal vesciles along with cumming a large amount (about 7 damn good strands if it would have been a pearl necklace) along with one of the craziest orgasms of my life. I could feel the entire shit massage my rectum and prostate as it exited while simultaneously feeling the orgasmic sensations created by this radiate through my entire body. It felt like my entire body was being sexually massaged by my shitting. It was much like when you get the back of your neck shaved or touched upon sensually by a partner but a thousand times more intense.
    I think I have experienced the first one person form of the blumpkin. The blumpkin is something I thought I would never experience even though I am a firm beleiver of always be willing to try new things, particularly under the sheets, because who honestly knows a girl who is willing to suck him off while he shits upon the white porcelian. I can now say that it is worth a try... and I'm still in search of the girl who can give me this expereince. :P (i'll even do the female equivalent if its possible although my girlferiend at the moment is entirely repulsed by the idea and i completely understand) Sorry if i didn't elaborate on the process of bowel massage as much as I should have but I wanted to keep my first post short enough to not be a book. There are actually many videos on utube of how to preform it. My message is that next time you have a large bowel movement in the midst, try some bowel massage while relaxing your PC the entire time and you won't be dissapointed even if it doesn't end in the exact same manner as my experience. I'll let you know that I will be preforming this procedure my grandma showed me to releive constipation alot more often then before. :D
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Grandmothers are so wise!

    I am sure you get some kind of award for have the best time taking a crap. I am sure you will be trying that again!
  • FuzzyFuzzy
    Posts: 99
    Wow! What an experience!
    I've had similar experiences, but nothing as intense as that.
    Since I started using the aneros I've often found that the feeling of a bowel movement can bring a lot of pleasure and arousal to me. I guess once that region is re-wired, most sorts of stimulation there will bring pleasure. I haven't had an orgasm from it, but I haven't tried that massage technique either.

    I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has had similar experiences, and if it happens to you again Tenmagnet.
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    I second that. I've yet to have an orgasm while pooping but pooping now has a very special feeling it didn't before the aneros.
  • PromassPromass
    Posts: 84
    My head hurts too much due to rockhard weekend lol can anyone make that huge wall of text into paragraphs? Thanks sorry to go off topic.