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Audio recordings of "passionate" sex
  • wohdinwohdin
    Posts: 42
    ...This is kind of an odd question, but would anyone know anything about obtaining some audio recordings - not straight up porn - but just the sounds, of passionate lovemaking sessions? Like, intense moaning and stuff. Preferrably things that aren't totally over the top like "OH GOD FUCK YES" and such that you hear in actual porn, because that's just silly. :roll:

    ...Although the analogy I'm about to present is kind of foreign, it's the closest thing I can think of to what I'm looking for. In Japan, these sell these things called drama CDs that are basically voice actors who play out an audio story - sort of like old radio dramas, except much more solidly produced - and there are various subgenres, arguably the largest of which are BL or "boy's love" which involve romantic stories between guys (not "boys" necessarily as the genre name would imply). Though this stuff is typically marketed to girls, there are often short "romance scenes" which involve the actors talking and panting and moaning and such as in the throes of passion - for the most part they're surprisingly good at it - and this is the type of stuff I'm looking for. Preferrably with no or very very quiet music.

    Although any information on this type of media would be lovely, but I would prefer guys only (women's sex talk freak me out). Thanks for listening to my strange request! (Because I live with family, I have to be pretty quiet in my sessions, although I'm typically a moaner. I like the sound of my own moans to the point that it could actually be an O-trigger, but as such, I can't even know for certain because I'm stuck, barred from trying it! This is why I want to try something else.)
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    You might try this site - , although I think most of the material is mixed with music. The next best suggestion is to go searching on Google and use key words like “orgasm sounds”, etc. to find what you are looking for. The other suggestion is to record your own moans and create your own looping recording.

    If you are interested in a list of suggested music selections, check out this thread -
  • The second part of the HypnAerosession has the moans of woman in orgasm which is quite nice.
  • I downloaded something like that from Amazon mp3 market place.

    It is not quite the same though.