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Burning Sensation
  • FakmanFakman
    Posts: 45
    Question for the group. Last night I was enjoying a spectacular session with the Eupho. I have been on a Peredise kick for the last month, so this was ressurecting an absolute gem from the collection. I had gone from 0-100 in about 15 minutes. And in no time I was experiencing wonderful orgasmic bliss. However, I could not stop myself and I ejaculated. Here is the problem. When I ejaculated it burned coming out. Should I be concerned? Could it just be a dehydration issue? ANy thoughs/feedback would be nice. I wanna have a session tomorrow night and I would like to be at ease mentally before I start.
  • autumnautumn
    Posts: 22
    Well the urethra is very delicate so it's relatively easy for it to become inflamed or infected. Have you had any symptoms outside of this session? If you have perhaps a trip to a sexual health clinic might be in order? I recently had non specific urethritis and had to take antibiotics to clear it up. It's not always sexually transmitted either; it can come on from just being too, ah, enthusiastic in one's masturbation :|. It can also come as a reaction against soap and detergent.

    If this was the first symptom though it might just be what the orgasmic energy was doing on that occasion. I get the scratchy/itchy feeling in my urethra as part of my aneros/orgasmic energy 'symptoms'. Sometimes it can be quite intense and almost painful. However my orgasmic energy [for want of a better phrase] is capricious and behaves differently on different days. Unless it was really painful and you've had burning sensations apart from this perhaps you should have another aneros session when you feel ready and just see what happens?

    Good luck!