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Back in the saddle
  • brianrobrianro
    Posts: 19
    Having visited my oncologist last week and he reporting that my CAT-scan was 'normal', I took the Aneros plunge on Saturday and had a short Peridise (Large) session.
    No great shakes, but no significant discomfort. Didn't want to push it too long, too soon, so I kept it to about ten minutes. Will try to slowly build from here.
    Since I had my Brachytherapy radiation procedure (22 May) I have managed to successfully make love to
    Mrs. B twice so far before a severe cold (flu?) interrupted my amorous advances :(
    My Aneros quest continues...but may have to be interrupted again in about a month to give my PSA levels time to settle before testing prior to my next urologist visit post-procedure.
    (Diagnosed with P Ca in April 2009)