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First-dryO = ƒ(Alana + different lube)
  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    Sorry for the long read:

    If you use ear buds with an mp3 player, skip to the question at the bottom.

    Found a nice 3-hour time slot early this morning and set about to run both tracks of Alana.

    Intent was just to get into Alana's routine. No other expectations. Thought I'd try a 'long endurance' lube routine using a condom that I'd read about somewhere. Also wanted to take a first try at a Silicone lube. (I'd tossed the locally purchased, perfumed Shea Butter and am still waiting for some AAA to arrive from Amazon.)

    I had to double-up on alfa-blocker (for the 'under 55 crowd'... this is what old guys do when their bph is acting up) so decided to dust off the SGX.

    Recent diet dictated a pre-rinse but I felt clean from last night's shower so skipped the shower and pre-lubed with just 1.5ml of ID glide. (I'd usually use 3 or 4 times that amount).

    So, reached into our toy box and grabbed a condom at random.

    Then a couple of squirts of ID glide with some H2O into the condom, slid the SGX into that and smeared several drops of Swiss-Navy silicone on the exterior of the condom.

    Went ahead with insertion so I could wash the silicone from my hands. (have to find a solvent for this stuff). Total amount of lube was far less than I've ever used before.

    I've adopted a routine to get the aneros "settled-in" before I start relaxation. Half dozen aggressive contractions on one side, then on the back, then on the other side then more contractions on my belly and again in dog. Then onto the side for relaxation.

    Guys who shave their perineum have a 'leg up' on this lubed-condom routine because the last couple of rolls snagged some hair. -- that wouldn't do. So, change #1 to the plan. Out with the Aneros, unroll the condom all the way, apply a couple more drops of Swiss-Navy and slide the covered SGX back in then a few contractions to get it "seated." More hand washing. (No way will any Aneros user get swine flu with all the hand washing we do.) LOL

    (Note for those who do shave -- you're missing out on some interesting K-tab stim.)

    So, hands scrubbed, ear buds in place, mp3 player on, and it was onward into Alana's "induction track."

    This is good stuff. It does away with the "boredom of relaxation." The timing is great. My hair follicles respond perfectly, on cue. I get goose bumps when she says, "note the goose bumps." And, the nip instructions seemed made just for me as to motions and timing. At this point I discovered I'd worn a golf shirt rather than just my usual session tee shirt. 8-\

    The post-production on this recording is excellent. Old hands at binaural recording would term this, "perfectly ortho-graphic." For the ear-buds I was wearing, the phasing and balance between channels was 'right-on.'

    Somewhere around 30-40 minutes into Alana's routine (still in the 'restraint' phase) I got a massive involuntary contraction and experienced my first 'draw-in' of an Aneros device. (Yes Houston, we had contact!!) 8-)

    If this had been a Eupho, it would have tickled my tonsils. :)

    Until this point, I'd never had the SGX establish firm contact with my prostate the way the Helix does. The bod had sensed what it wanted and it knew how to attain that.

    Until this session, I'd also had only intermittent p-tab contact from the SGX. After the 'draw-in' the p-tab was 'dug' into my PC about as much as an unpadded Helix. (good news is that the SGX tab is easier on the PC.) The handle was firmly seated in my crack but there was enough stray lube (or perhaps sweat) that it could slide. At no time was the handle an annoyance and the p-tab never let go.

    Eventually I didn't have to focus to maintain a 'base contraction.' I was so puckered up around the SGX that it was in there.

    At the time I wasn't aware of it but, in retrospect the Aneros, aside from the p-tab contact had pretty much become invisible to me.

    I didn't fully establish the 'glowing orb' or 'ember' visualization that Alana asked of me. Part of that was my shift in chosen fantasy during the first part of the induction. I had switched from an Oriental brothel to the back seat of a car in a drive-in theater.

    I followed Alana's coaching and following the nip-stim sequence I got into heavy shaking. The 'storm' feeling that I've had in my DanTien on other sessions was more intense and the p-waves traveled up from the DanTien into my chest while my ribs tingled. Shaking seemed to subside as a p-wave caught my breath and that released my First-dryO !

    I think there were two releases. The first was the release of the DanTien storm which seemed to initiate the pleasure flow with peripheral tingling and the free-fall into extreme body surface tingling as every voluntary muscle in my body turned into jello.

    No firm estimate of time but probably on the order of 8-10 seconds. Just long enough to almost be freightening. (Considering my Trad-O is usually 2-3 seconds in length, this was gigantic.) Opened my eyes and glanced at the timeline on the MP3 player: 1hr, 12 min.

    Just laid there, relaxed all though the free-form finish to track #1. Couple of testicular pulses, some ball tingling and forehead twitching.

    Was mentally drained and physically exhausted yet overjoyed. I cleaned up and didn't give track #2 a try.

    I have some doubt that I can sustain the physical part of a Super-O.

    Some observations:
    - First-dry O was coolest sensual experience I've ever had.
    - I had very few anal pulses and had pretty much 'enveloped' the SGX.
    - For Alana -- "any time baby!"
    - For Rumel -- nice job guy!
    - For those who 'wander' or suffer from session boredom -- take a chance on Alana.
    - Pick a fantasy and stick with it. Don't change horses in mid-stream. Particularly important if you are on track 1 with Alana.
    - Biggest distraction this session was occasional loss of an earbud.
    - Will try this lube technique again. (wonder how silicone mixes with shea butter?)

    - note: Label on the condom was Durex, Ultimate Feeling. It was part of a cheap 'pleasure' assortment. I think the ribs on the condom and it's wrinkles might be doing a similar thing that SWW accomplishes by rubbing paraffin on the Eupho.

    So guys, don't throw stones at the SGX, just 'suck it up' and enjoy! I'm 6-ft in height, 180lb. and my anthropometrics put my trunk length right in the middle of the bell shaped curve for that height.

    Any specific brands of earbuds that don't fall out of you ears when you roll over?
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953

    Good post. Very descriptive and hopefully it will be of help to many.

    As far as your question about ear buds, I bought a set (SONY, I believe) ear buds that actually wrap around the ear. They never fall out. As I recall, they were no more than $10. The only problem I have with those or any ear buds is I like to be on my stomach with my head to either side on a pillow, that can prove to be not so comfortable with something in your ear. You have to go for just the right position there. For being on your back or side, those after market ear buds work great.
  • DavoDavo
    Posts: 19

    Went ahead with insertion so I could wash the silicone from my hands. (have to find a solvent for this stuff). Total amount of lube was far less than I've ever used before.

    There is a wash for silicone made by Wet.
    Wet Platinum Afterwash 8 oz

    Wet Platinum Afterwash 8 oz bottle, WET Platinum afterwash, to remove Wet Platinum, Eros, ID Millenium, in the shower. Classic shaped 8 oz bottle. Flip top bottle. AKA Wet Platnum Afterwash, Platinum Soap
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,443
    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)

    I am very pleased you have found 'Alana' to be a suitable companion to lead you to the Super-O doorway. That was our desire in the creation of the “HypnAerosession” recording, so thank you for the compliment.

    I agree with you that picking one of your core fantasies and staying with it during a session can really build the excitement into orgasmic realms, this is very congruent with 'Pan' s ”Fantasy Method”. This gives your conscious mind something to play with while your sub-conscious listens to 'Alana' and allows your body to respond in harmony with the fantasy playing out in your head.

    I hope you won't let the disconnect with the visualizations offered in the recording deter you from further listening, please feel free to imagine alternative imagery that pleases you, just go ahead and substitute a different word or concept to be tied to 'Alana' s suggestions. This is all about providing the suitable environment for you and 'Alana' is all about helping you obtain the highest energy level possible. Let her sensual voice carry you, it is not so much the specific verbiage that matters as the intent behind the words which will lead you further along the path.

    “Was mentally drained and physically exhausted yet overjoyed.” I suspect future sessions will be less draining and physically taxing as you come to embrace and crave that joyous feeling and your body builds the stamina to sustain these intense levels of sensuality..

    Re: the earbuds, I use and recommend the over the ear hook, 'sports style' type ear buds, they stay put regardless of the position you put your body in.
  • Diesel2215Diesel2215
    Posts: 105
    That sound great Newbie2009, congratulations I really need to get that Alana MP3 but unfortunately the current exchange rate makes it very pricey for us in South Africa. I will just have to wait.