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Orgasm from a prostrate massage with a finger
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I am wondering if one could expect to have an orgasm from getting a prostrate massage with a finger?
    My wife has given me a few prostrate massages, and I must say it is wonderful, but feels somewhat different than using an aneros. I have not had a super O with my aneros but feel I am very close. It's been well over a year for me and I have great luck with P-waves, and involuntary movement and just feel I am right on the edge.
    I don't get those type of feelings when my wife is giving me a massage, but I do have many, many other wonderful feelings. I get much more pre cum with her finger and always have a hard on which is not usually the case for me with an aneros session, but that's sort of comparing apples to oranges
  • marmotmarmot
    Posts: 80
    I think orgasm from prostate massage has more in common with a traditional orgasm then Aneros-induced orgasm. Aneros stimulation is very subtle and often combined with a quiet meditative approach and breathing. It is easily overwhelmed by grosser stimulation such as penile masturbation. It ultimately can culminate in a full body orgasm, an experience much more intense and generalized than either a penile or prostate orgasm.

    In my own experience, prostate stimulation is very pleasurable but in a way completely different than the sensations arising from the Aneros. The prostate orgasms I have had have the same first-stage orgasmic pleasure of a penile orgasm. It is associated with a prostate contraction and oozing semen with fewer and less intense rhythmic ejaculation contractions. It feels like something is missing. It's a little like trying to edge but going a little too far, passing the point of no return and getting semen, but not a full-fledged ejaculation. I've done it several times for the novelty, but overall, I think penile orgasms are much more pleasurable.

    I think it is important not to see the Aneros a toy for inducing prostate orgasms. If you want to do this, a finger or a crystal wand will do the job better. Aneros works a different sublime magic.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi marmot and thhn

    marmot, I agree with your analysis in general, butt I think that there is more variation possible in finger massaging the prostate.

    Mrs. a, my dear wife, has given me my best Super-Ts, and my first and best Super-Os: no pre-cum, no ejaculation, beautiful multiple dry leg shaking pelvis pumping, flaccid floppy dick Super-Os, often with gales of laughter and occasional bliss tears too. A finger can get into the Aneros mode and push rewiring too IMHO and experience.

    The Super-Ts are more touch to the prostate and I'm humping hard. The Super-Os, leading to Calm Seas-Os, are much quieter, often when we are side-to-side, head-to-toes, in our Wedding Band position, very gently and very very slowly and lightly caressing each other's G-spots/prostates for an hour or two or more while doing energy exchanges between our fingers and the others inner lining and contact points hardly touching at all so softly.... blissful tides of multiples and dancing tissues moving as they will as the energies flow and Flow and FLOW and Flow and flow and! Calm Seas-Os sailing above and beyond...

    all the best thhn and to your wife too and to you and your great unfolding journey marmot

  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    thank you both for your repsonses, as they both have very good information. I guess I need to edcuate the wife on the technique that I prefer and I feel it would be what artform is suggesting. I'm not really liking the in and out motion but much prefer a slow and subtle stroking approach.
    I guess I was just wondering if I could expect to have any sort of orgasm with only a finger on the prostrate and no penile stimulation, and now I have an aswer
    I can't wait to keep trying
  • helixbillhelixbill
    Posts: 148

    Don't get 'orgasm' mixed up with 'ejaculation', they are 2 different things. We men can have multiple orgasms very close together but once we 'shoot' we're 'shot' for an extended period.

    Personally I can have wave after wave of orgasms without ejaculating and with no penile stimulation. In fact, penile stimulation is usually counter-productive to multiple orgasms until you have a lot of experience with multiple orgasms.

    A good read of the Aneros Wiki explains the differences and also tells you about 're-wiring' so that you can separate orgasm from ejaculation.

    Mind you, you can have simultaneous orgasm and ejaculation but the problem is we men grow up thinking that ejaculation=orgasm and it does not.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi again thhn and you too helixbill

    thhn, I interpreted your comment about in and out motion and stroking as referring to the finger inside you contacting your prostate through the rectal muscle wall. I edited my post above and added a bit for clarity, I hope.

    Just as it is crucial to learn to separate the orgasmic energies and response from the ejaculatory response, IMHO it is just as important to separate the location and orgasmic focus from the ability of these energies to manifest in many ways and places throughout the body and to move of their own volition, growing or not, pulsing or not, and effecting the body/mind in many different ways.

    In Tao practice this is the recognition of the tranformation or transmutation of these erotic/orgasmic energies (jing) into generalized life force energies (chi) and potentially into spiritual energies (shen). There need not be a formula. Just relax, be open, and allow the energies to do their thing. Leave the focus on the specifically erotic behind... See/feel/sense whatever without expectations or judgement. They may take you of astounding adventures. :D

    Mantak Chia and his co-authors book The MultiOrgasmic Couple may be helpful in this. It was great confirmation for us in our naive explorations as per my blog . :lol:

    all the best voyaging together

  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    thanks Artform... that's a very deep response
    I am aware of the difference between orgasm and ejaculation and have no confusion between the two. when I was refering to the in and out of the finger to the prostrate, I just meant that my wife would sometimes move her finger in just that fashion, as a fucking motion, and I didn't really care for that. when the finger is held in place, and only the end of the finger is moved in a stroking motion, or a come hither motion, that is what I prefered.
    It's the out motion that I don't really care for and I find almost uncomfortable. I feel this way with the aneros as well and removing it is not my favorite part. the going in part is just fine.
    thanks for the liink... I will check it out
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi again thhn

    Hope things are progressing well. It would be great if you would post on this and vote in the new Couples' Practices Poll at

    all the best with your journey solo and with your wife