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super sensitive and horny after heavy night of drinking
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    I've been like this for as long as I first started drinking years ago. I've done a lot of research on the topic but can't really find any scientific studies. It's not when I just drink a bit or just get a little drunk but instead when I really get shit housed. I'll wake up hungover as hell but horny as fuck. And not just your typical horniness but extremely horny. That and my whole body is super sensitive. I can just lay there and feel the sexual energy buzzing through out my body and I just ride the P-waves.

    This state of being super horny typically lasts into the evening and eventually (especially if I don't ejaculate) dies down. The sex in this state is amazing and now that I'm partially rewired (at least more rewired than I was before discovering the aneros) multiples during sex is much easier achieved.

    So the question I'm asking is, is what causes this? My girlfriend insists that I'm the first she's been with to be like this. I thought this was a common thing in males. I have a little theory of what's going on myself but maybe it's not the same for everybody.

    I'll use the word I as to not assume it's the same for all males.
    Plus I'm not one to use all the technical terms.
    My theory's pretty basic and goes like this.

    When I get really drunk my body either stops producing or produces very little of the chemicals that attribute to arousal and especially erections. I'm assuming there's a big drop in testosterone production. So even if I wanted to have wasted drunken sex it's not happening.
    Then I go to sleep and at some point during the night my body over compensates for the lack of chemicals, testosterone production or whatever it is the body does to allow sexual function and produces far more than its "usual" capacity. Thus I wake to a raging boner and super charged sex drive far greater than any other normal waking day.

    Plus now that I've been partially rewired this isn't just horniness but non stop P-waves (is there really a difference anymore?).

    Just curious if others on this forum have the same reaction to a very heavy night of drinking.
    Though the hangover sucks It's worth it just to feel this sexually charged all day. Even after sex I'm still ready to go again which doesn't happen often.

    Thing is, is that fortunately (or not) I don't drink that heavy often, so can really experience this style of arousal once a month maybe.

    Now I just need to figure out how to trick my body to do the same sexual response that occurs from the heavy drinking.