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Progasm - Wow!
  • Hi everyone,

    I have had an MGX model for a couple of years now with some very satisfying results. Anyhow I decided it was time to try the Progasm and it arrived today. Although I had seen the pics and read the reviews of it I was still taken aback at just how big it looked when I opened it. That said I found that with a generous amount of lube it slipped in quite comfortably and then within about 10 minutes quite literally started rocking my world. With the MGX I used to have a very slow build up, however the Progasm seemed to massage my prostate from the get-go, in no time at all I was being milked and leaking pre-cum like I never had with the MGX and then soon the Progasm sent me into a series of orgasms and didn't want to let go (which I was very happy about :D ). My whole body was shaking and the Progasm seemed to be calling all the tunes and I found it very easy to follow.

    I found the position that worked best for me was on my hands and knees, it really seemed to hit the spot in this position.

    I don't know if my immediate success was in part due to experience I had already gained with the MGX or if this model was just right for my anatomy but if anyone is considering getting a Progasm I would thoroughly recommend it.

    Happy orgasms to you all.