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Help with a possible fork in the road -- Orientation
  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    I have taken a week off from Dame Helix. Gave things a rest for an annual PSA. The sabbatical was interesting. "Prostate horniness" reared it's ugly head on day three and plain old 'gotta get some' horniness on day four. Both were 'told' to shut up and by day six thirsty devils in my pelvis had quieted down. Assuming the blood draw goes OK I get to re-enter the action tomorrow night.

    There's now a line at the bedroom door (luv it) and my wife has claimed the first roll. We haven't yet mapped that rendezvous. So, Dame Helix might not attend my cuming out tomorrow night or Saturday morning. Miss Helix is on the solo sked for Sunday or Monday. (If the solo goes well, I'm hoping for my first threesome with some expert nipple & rib work by mid-week.) Gawd, having a stable of slaves is great !

    So, looking ahead to solo session #6 with Dame Helix, here's the issue from a total newbie:

    The situation:

    Well into my 4th Helix session I had just gained good mobility and had solid fore & aft as well lateral tilting control with my sphincter muscles. The increase in sphincter strength since session #1 had been phenomenal -- good job Aneros!

    While I was getting a nice prostate rub I was also producing plenty of action along the posterior wall of my ano-rectal cavity/canal. The ano-rectal sensations were overpowering the prostate pleasure and although I could distinguish one from the other I found myself more attracted to the ano-rectal stim than the prostate. (Orientation ??)

    I'd describe the ano-rectal signals as "fun" while the prostate is more of a subtle pleasure. This is sort of like the anal canal shouting, "Honey, don't waste time on that p-broad over there, cuz there's lots of fun right here."

    So, perhaps I'm at a fork in the road where a choice should be made, to avoid a 'dead end' alley (the anal fork) that's off the path to the MMO?

    The question:

    Assuming that the objective here is MMO would I be better off:

    a. Ignoring that there are two identifiable signals at work and just accepting the 'mix' of signals?

    b. Focusing on the prostate and attempting to ignore the ano-rectal senses screaming-- "here, here, over here!" (keep the Helix away from the rear wall.)

    c. Not sweating this, everyone has been through it. The prostate will eventually win or -- both can play.

    Finally. Alana isn't on the scene yet (I'm not yet mp3 savvy). If I should force a shift of focus to the Prostate, what are some good techniques??

    TIA... NuBe09
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,397

    I am a bit skeptical that you are really facing a “fork in the road” moment. I seems to me it is more a case of “which side of the cup shall I drink from?” question. IMHO, the answer to your question is “c. Not sweating this, everyone has been through it. The prostate will eventually win or -- both can play.” My advice is to ignore nothing, your body will speak to you of its desires from different places at different times but it is all still your body. Embrace each and every sensation regardless of its apparent source, I think you will find there is a marvelous continuum of pleasure to which all body parts contribute, so go ahead and explore this edge of the cup of pleasure, eventually you will want to explore all aspects of the vessel. That vessel is you.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello newbie2009, :)

    I agree with rumel. Although I'll try and break the explanation down in a different way.

    My observations in my own Aneros journey, keeping in mind that I've yet to achieve super-O's, is that I've experienced different progressions of pleasurable sensations. And while in some cases I've thought I took a wrong turn for a few months. I now no longer think that to be the case. I think that much like the milestones list in the Aneros WIKI. There is also steps of progression in the re-wiring process.

    What rumel is saying is that by embracing every sensation, you follow where the pleasure shows up. Over time and practice this will eventually bring you closer, and finally lead you to achieving super orgasms. This journey seems to be one of those experiences that is difficult for another person, no matter how advanced into super-O land they are, to describe exactly how to get there. I say this, because I've found in my own journey, that each step in my understanding of my body/mind, arousal, and pleasure has been a necessary step to understand the next one. Case in point, I've heard the relax and do nothing approach ever since I've started actively participating in the forums here. But I'm only now starting to get results from it and understand it's importance. And the sensations from it, although pleasurable, are different than I would have ever thought coming from "the penis is where you get sexual pleasure" point of view. So just enjoy any pleasurable sensations you get from your Aneros sessions. Because eventually as you unfold, re-wire, feel and understand the energetic sensations in your body. You will find your way, and each step is important to learn along the way.

  • I consider my self "gay" though only for communication purposes.....I am highly attracted to Men and it grew over a long period of time. I am a new...user and yet have experienced the Super O, though i put in the Aneros every nite after work and enjoy the varied sensations I am experiencing...I have been reading the posts and such....I don't think having a gadget up ur anus, has anything to do with any attraction to men whats so ever...It is experiencing your body, and giving your self an orgasm ...I havent had to many penis up my anus...I feel more natural being with a man for sexual relief , and companionship...