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What I've learned from Anero-less sessions
  • Oli920Oli920
    Posts: 7
    I've been able to have anero-less super - O's for about a month now and I've learned a few things that made sessions with an aneros AMAZING! I didn't know that my body was capable of these things. Without the aneros I seem to have these amazing full body waves of orgasms that just make you want to scream. With the aneros is even more intense and relies less on my frame of mind and focus. I had a session the other day that literally had me growling and thrashing around. It may seem normal in this context but I'm actually a very composed person (apparently only if you stay away from my prostate). It's all about not "trying". It's really about letting your body do what it wants. Your body is wired for this and once it gets a taste for it, it's going to want more. That and really listening to your body. It will let you know if on your stomach is better than on your back. It's a whisper at first but it's there.

    Once I get to the delightful buzzing phase (lately a throbbing) I just do what I can to encourage it. Which is nothing special. I just breath as normally as I can in a heightened state of arousal and imagine that my prostate it being massaged if it's without the aneros or that the aneros has it's own designs for me if the session is with it. It's also important to let things build in their own time. It's more of a cumulative effect. It's compounding on it's self. I've had the most amazing experiences and I'm really interested to see how long I can prolong a session. Though I find it's really important to keep hydrated.
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    I have the feeling I'm experiencing something similar, the buzzing around my prostate, but also contractions some voluntary others brought on, like holding a contraction and feeling everything start to shake . It's like the combi of the twitching, lower ab contractions and holding that area, squeezing down on the prostate. First eacht individually can give a pleasurable contraction and then it seems to transform into a rythm(like letters form words that form meanings etc), a pleasure wave....There may be different starting points of the wave, sometimes the abs, sometime the anal twitching, but the pressing down on the prostate is where it seems to crescend into a final pleasurable contraction.

    This is what I have with or without the aneros.
    Sometimes it's even like I can feel aan aneros still moving inside me

    The super O I don't quite get though.
    I do find it hard to get to sleep, after a session I feel very energized

    Maybe it's a craving that needs to satisfied and in that context I see what you mean with the cumulative effect.
  • I am also at this stage Helixer, not quite at orgasm yet but it still feels great.

    Oli i totally agree, doing nothing lets you release all stimulation to your body which is far more effective at pleasuring itself as it knows exactly what it wants!

    I find that trying to relax by slow breathing and focusing on my chest/arms takes the focus off my groin area and lets things build. Once things get going I like to still continue leaving total control to my body but just become aware of the prostate area and the pleasure down there. I have noticed that it is very difficult to notice the pleasure down there without contracting as this is the classic penial stimulation route... feel pleasure = contract anus/PC muscles and this is often detrimental to aneros progress i feel as i cn sometimes loose the contractions.