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Doubt, like a film .....
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    ........................... but not the film

    I last used an Aneros some time last year. I'd fucked up my Helix by cutting off the tail, so that pretty much put that FuckToy out of the picture.
    Bought the Progasm still FuckALL, so I decided to be done with it, fuck that black motherfucker, nothing but a royal pain in the ass.
    "What else can an intelligent young man do with his time?", I exclaimed,"apart from sticking an analtoy up his ass and sitting on the bed for hours on end".

    Anyways 6 months later, in a drunker stupor, I ordered an MGX. And amazingly I started feeling something this time, involentaries....It was started off by a kind of buzzing sensation near my dick, then I was drawn in by the movements inside. It was like an electricity, a wave that was shooting thru me. My toes curled up, my butt twiched and like a clenching movement around my prostate, my lower abdomen,like my whole body was geared towards my prostate, pushing down on it, behind, from side to side with it.It felt like I was being fucked and fucking at the same time....very complete, very aroused and very fucking weirdassed

    I started picturing myself as different animals...The position I was on the bed determined the form I then would seem to metamorphose into as my body would get into a rythm, and the involuntaries would get more and more pleasurable.....
    After a few hours I felt I needed some traditional release so I started whacking off...But the contractions seemed like I really had to put myself back into the other mode,I ejaculated , but it was minor compared to the things that were already going on in my body,and strangely enough I stayed hard, and the contractions were still at it....

    Today and yesterday the same thing happened only those times I came in my pants without any manual stimulation, the contractions were still going,but this time I did feel fatigued by it. It was much more amazing than masturbation though...And while I'm typing this I feel the involuntaries just thinking about muscle memory.

    Problem is though. It might be friction from the movement with the contractions.
    Second point. I took some spacecake everytime. That's one crucial difference....And maybe that's what made my body hypersensitive, but these bolts of electricity seem the real deal though, shaking all over with waves of pleasure, waves tru contraction. XTC......
    And living in Holland ......yes, everything you read about Holland is true, the 'ho's',the drugs, the social security, this fuckin l'ho country's sux dick!But what can you do about it?

    Anyways I'll really have to say no to drugs next time, even when my whole cupboard is filled with the merchandise....I will be tempted as the feeling will most definitely be less without it. But a natural high must surely be enough.....I'm worried though, even though I believe in muscle memory I'm not quite convinced this is the real deal
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 836
    Wacky post there Helixer. What is "spacecake"?
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566

    Wacky post there Helixer. What is "spacecake"?

    Any cake with a Thc substance. You can make it with weed, but I preferred using was so soft I barely used the lighter, powdered it into the brownie-mix, so it was well camoflaged.

    The last time I smoked a joint was maybe 10 years ago, but I've never experienced anything quite like this before. I've never actually eaten spacecake b4 though, this was my first time...but still, eating or smoking shouldn't make that much difference should it?

    I can still feel light contractions, from even just listening to good music. With no aneros, or spacecake....

    I know it's all an individualistic experience, but a Super O?, I came in my pants so I guess I'm not quite there?, it feels like xtc though and the pleasure seems to be all over my body and not just restricted to my penis.

    So how do you keep coming without ejaculating?
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 434
    I'm glad you are starting to rewire, but could you be a little less racist to the progasm please.

    And indeed, what a whacky post. You must be on the highest grade shit. :twisted:
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    MyTurn said:

    I'm glad you are starting to rewire, but could you be a little less racist to the progasm please.

    And indeed, what a whacky post. You must be on the highest grade shit. :twisted:

    I think it's the synergy. Sure, I was fucked up, but apart from having a heightened awareness of the senses the shit wouldn't have done much else, were it not for the Aneros....Sure I feel vague and euphoric from yesterday, but I've never felt contractions like this b4 even after smoking better shit than I put in the cake....But I agree, it got weird.... I felt like some ancient, primordial instinct took over, I just let my body take me. Sometimes I felt I nearly had to scream it was so pleasurable.

    I'm just wondering how it can get even better than this, this is already like 1000 times better than sex. So if this is just 'starting to re-wire' how much weirder can things get?