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Go sit on a red rubber donut
  • I’ve been using one of these while kicked back in my recliner, a big improvement over a rolled-up towel.

    I’ve used it with my tail-less helix, tail-less eupho, progasm, and peridise. Clearance is a problem only while sitting upright, no problem while reclined. I don’t like the rubber on skin feeling so I lay a towel over it, stuffing the towel down into the donut’s “hole.” Once I’m in position sitting on the donut I reach down and pull my butt cheeks slightly apart…adds a nice feeling “counterforce” to my PC / anal contraction.

  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 853
    Thanks for the tip! Dose this work if the aneros has a tail?
  • Hi The_Bishop,

    Both my eupho and helix are tail-less, so I don't know, but I suspect their tails would touch. The progasm is no problem, but for sure its tail doesn't stick out as far as the eupho / helix and some other models.