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Help With Your Orgasms
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    For those of you having difficulty having orgasms I'd like to reiterate a concept that I believe in from personal experience... You have to prepare your brain and body for orgasm.

    Last night after taking all my supplements ( I don't usually take them right at bedtime) I began getting a partial erection, so was very aroused physically. I went to bed and attempted to sleep; however my body didn't agree with this idea even though it was late. My prostate, brain, abdomen, anus, arms etc were basically pulsating. I began having twitches and body parts started jumping a bit similar to if I had the Aneros in and was starting to get 'involuntaries'. Lying on my back, mentally I just relaxed and began to let happen whatever wanted to happen. I noticed that I already had precum to some extent...even though I hadn't really done anything. Within 15 minutes are so I was in a pre-orgasmic bliss with gentle waves of pleasure washing over. This was cycling every so many minutes and ramping up just as with the Aneros usage and becoming more intense each cycle. Eventually within 30 minutes or so I was having full orgasms along with a 'release' feeling from my brain/body. It's the feeling that you are no longer striving to get somewhere, but that you are there enjoying it. This was all very nice and at times fairly intense. I kept this up for probably 2 hours. Through much of this I had a full erection. When I decided to quit I reached down and felt along my penis, inner thigh, and between my legs and found that precum had flooded all over the place and I was lying in a small pool of it on the bed. Wow! Impressive considering I hadn't used any external physical stimulation. I went to the bathroom, cleaned up, and went to bed. I was more relaxed now and eventually managed to drift off to sleep. Some time later I had this very erotic dream where I was basically having intercourse with some strange, pretty woman. This was a very vivid dream, and I was happy to cum inside her very deeply and intensely. Then I awoke and realized I had just ejaculated all over the bed and myself. :shock: I don't usually have wet dreams, but when I do I usually realize that it isn't real and wake up before I can ejaculate. This kind of takes the fun out of it, but prevents a mess. (Oh, I forgot to mention I was sleeping nude under the covers). I guess I was so aroused and in to it all that I didn't wake up at climax time. Anyway, I got up and had a bit more to clean up this time, then laid down a towel to sleep on as it was quite wet/messy where I had been.

    The point of my recount of last night's event was I wanted to illustrate to all of you that orgasm takes place in your brain, and your body has to be primed and ready for it. It isn't necessarily about external stimulation or proper technique. It is important to learn the proper feelings/sensations to search for and the Aneros is a good teacher for learning this, but I believe optimally we need a bit more. We have all talked about The Orgasmic Diet. I do believe in much of that - perhaps with modifications for guys.

    Here are the requirements / recommendations I have to maximize your orgasmic ability as I currently know it - this includes a list of herbs I take at times and that I took last night.

    1) Get plenty of can't orgasm (and I don't mean ejaculate) if you are exhausted from physical exercise, mental fatigue, and lack of sleep.
    2) You need to practice some amount of 'semen retention'. By that I mean you don't want to be ejaculating every day, or mulitple times a day. That will wear your orgasmic ability out temporarily and fatigue you. How much semen retention you long depends on your state of health, vigor, and somewhat based on age as well. Those of you very young can likely ejaculate every day and still get highly aroused and recover quicker. If after you ejaculate you don't seem interested in sex for awhile (day or more) and you feel drained then you may have to wait longer days...maybe a week or possibly more.
    3) Diet - I think it is important. You don't want high blood sugars as that will fatigue you. I recommend 'The Zone' Diet by Dr Barry Sears. He creates a synchronicity in the body through a balanced level of carbs/protein/fat in a 40/30/20 ratio. This helps the body create good ecosanoids and optimizes your health and energy level IMO. Dr Sears also revolutionized the idea of using Fish Oil to help in so many is anti-inflammatory and does lots of wonderous things for the body.
    4) Take fish oil - high grade, highly refined, highly concentrated amount of EPA/DHA in quantities like the Orgasmic Diet recommends
    5) Dark chocolate as the Orgasmic Diet recommends
    6 Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc - like The Orgasmic Diet (TOD) recommends
    7) Tribulus (an herb)
    8) Vit E
    9) Avena Stativa (an herb)
    10 Maca (herb)
    11) Super Miraforte (by Life Extension) - contains Zinc, Chrysin, Muira Puama, Maca, Nettle, Ginger, Bioprene. [This formulation helps increase your free testosterone - rather than being bound by sex hormone globulin. It also helps prevent it from turning to estrogen.

    That's all I was on last night. Usually I don't take Super Miraforte. I only take the vit e, cal, mag, zinc, maca , avena sativa when I want to be more sexually charged. Such as on the day of. In this case it was the night of.

    Often I usually also take Ginko Biloba almost daily - but was out of it for almost a week.
    I also sometimes take Panax Ginseng on a fairly regular every few day routine.

    There you have it. This is what works for me. If I can have these kinds of orgasms without an Aneros or any other external stimulation imagine how good it is with it or the Peridise in.

    So...prepare your body for orgasm. Have it chomping at the bit with horniness and arousal. At that point you will find it much easier and productive in your quest for the ultimate orgasm.

    PS: To keep this in perspective, let me add: First I believe you need to use the Aneros / Peridise to help awaken and learn the feelings and control of this new type of orgasm (as apart from traditional male climax/ejaculation/orgasm). The recommendations I mention will then help focus and make these sensations easier to achieve and come the point as with me where you don't necessarily need a tool or external stimulation to help. I believe these recommendations will help shorten the learning curve for those of you trying to master Aneros - prostate / anal / full body orgasms but I repeat you must first learn what feelings are are trying to focus. For me I have learned these sensations to the point where it is almost automatic. I no longer have to work that hard during an Aneros session to achieve orgasm / results. It will always feel very good to me and most of the time I have a full blown / full body Super Duper O if my session lasts long enough and I am not too tired, etc as mentioned above. Note: I mention all of this to you...not to make myself look good, or to make you feel bad but to help so many of you out there whose posts I read that just aren't making progress or it is very slow. I want you to know that there may be ways to improve the situation. Best of luck!
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 862
    Thanks for the tips OH! :D
  • plantationplantation
    Posts: 253
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  • win123win123
    Posts: 14
    when I just relax (without the Aneros) I sometimes feel some kinda wave of pleasure building up but what ends up happening for me is that my hips start thrusting and then everything goes away. I dont take any supplements or anything but I feel like this is something achievable to me. I guess it might be that I could be afraid of what will happen next and so the feeling subsides. Can someone tell me what I can do to achieve this kind of pleasure? Oh btw are the supplements thta important?
  • Also take L-Arginine, Horny Goat Weed, Yohimbe/Yohimbine (be cautious with), Catuaba, and Long Jack.