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Just got my Progasm, have a few ?'s
  • msix1978msix1978
    Posts: 1
    Hello everyone. I just got my Progasm in the mail yesterday and I really really like it, but just have a few, hopefully quick, questions. After about an hour of me just laying there and enjoying the all around feeling, I got this strange yet very intense feeling that seemed to come from my prostate and radiate outward. It was almost like a cold, liquid metal was slowly making its' way from my prostate to my penis. I didn't know exactly what to do. I have read many of the posts here and almost everyone says, do nothing. But I have also read that when you feel something like that, you are supposed to "help it out" with small contractions. Which method do any of you recommend? I really want that feeling again, but don't know if I should help it out, or just do nothing and see what happens. Also, could someone please describe to me the best position for me to be on while on my back. I tried with pillows right at my lower back, but feel there is a better position I could be trying. Thank you all so much!!
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello msix1978, :)

    Welcome to the Aneros forum!

    One thing you have to learn in Aneros sessions is to allow yourself to experiment. Go where you find pleasure. No one technique necessarily works for everyone. This also applies to body positions. Try a different position if laying on your back doesn't seem to be doing it. For myself, I prefer laying on my side with my upper leg somewhat bent. But that's just me. You are just starting out so don't expect too much. Definitely participate here in the forums, and document your journey in the blogs sections. Also, if you haven't already, familiarize yourself with the Aneros WIKI.