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FIrst Use tonight details/story
  • funkybrucefunkybruce
    Posts: 2
    Helix arrived Friday and I got notice via tracking number. Couldn't pick up until this morning (Monday) so needless to say I built up some anticipation over the weekend that culminated this evening late after my wife went to bed.

    Things started in the bathroom - me with a vat of Astroglide and my new Helix. It took a while to get "all greased up" and to get the thing in, but it went in eventually. This was my first experience with any anal play - I must say that all the stories here regarding the trek towards the Super-O really put me on the path I am on today. I have been experimenting with PC contractions the past few months, almost getting to the point of dry orgasm. I had the pulsing sensations from within and knew that the Helix would get me over the top.

    Back to tonight's first experience... I laid down on a couch in the recommended side position with my legs tucked up. It took a while and a little coaxing from my PC muscles to start the involuntaries, but they came. they went in and out for several minutes. Then they started to build and build and build. Eventually, there was a contraction that simply didn't stop. The pleasure continued to build and I didn't know if I was on the cusp of the Super-O, but I kept with it hoping it would happen. What I went through was about one minute of a hard contraction that stayed with me. Everything was tight - muscles, facial expressions, etc. It eventually subsided and I came down. I went through one more build up like this and let that wave come down as well. I doubt it was a super-O, as I have viewed the various videos that are posted here and on xtube. What I DO know is that I will eventaully get to the next level and experience the Super-O in all its glory.

    Of course, I am keeping this from my wife until I can find some sort of funny way to bring it up. She is wonderful, but not ready to handle me "sticking something in my butt" for pleasure. She'd probably laugh. We have a great sex life, but I am simply on my own self-discovery mission that has nothing to do with her. I hope to in the future have her witness one of my sessions.

    After 2 big waves in 10 minutes, I called it a night. I know this is a short session, but I wanted to feel this thing out first. For sure - there will be anohter session tomorrow night and every night until I get this thing down.

    A few questions though...

    Is it normal to get these sensations on the first shot? I read of others that are frustrated with their first few months of use, and I honestly had pretty low expectations going into this. I am sure with an empty house I can "let go" a little more and let my body do more talking than it did tonight?

    Also, is it normal to have post-use pulsations and mini-spasms like I am having now? They are pretty cool I must confess...

    I finished off tonight with a traditional tug, of course with the Aneros in me, and the result was almost over the top. Fluid levels were quite high, especially considering I pulled off a few last night thinking about tonight's first try.

    Thanks everyone for pushing me to order this thing. I can't wait to post more about future sessions.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)

    Congratulations on such an auspicious beginning, I find it curious that you joined the Forum last year but this is your first use of your new Helix. No matter.

    A word of caution regarding expectations, you said “…I have viewed the various videos that are posted here and on xtube.” What you see on those videos are excerpt cuts of longer sessions by men who have very physical reactions during a Super-O. This is not necessarily typical or what you will ever experience, so don’t expect this to be your pattern, it may or may not happen that way for you. Super-O’s can come in many forms, the vigorous spasms and trembling is the most dramatic form but certainly not the only form. Other men have reported limited muscle movements and/or tremors but loud vocalizations, still others report of “the calm seas of orgasm” wherein the body remains relatively calm but the pleasure waves continue to repeatedly flow through them. You may experience examples of each of these forms at different times, just be aware there is a good deal of variability to this experience.

    “Is it normal to get these sensations on the first shot?” – It is unusual for first time users to experience Super-O’s or near Super-O’s. However, as you said, you have been doing Kegel exercises for months, training those muscles for just this type of experience. That training, combined with the arousal of anticipation, had you primed for an exciting inaugural adventure.

    “Also, is it normal to have post-use pulsations and mini-spasms like I am having now?” – Yes, these kinds of after shocks or echo effects are frequently reported and are nothing to be concerned about. It is a normal part of the “rewiring” process.

    “I finished off tonight with a traditional tug, of course with the Aneros in me…” – I advise against this practice until you feel sufficiently rewired that you can consistently achieve a Super-O without the temptation to masturbate to ejaculation. I would recommend you read ‘Cockadoodle’s post ”Penis, NOT!” for a good explanation of the reasoning.
  • helixbillhelixbill
    Posts: 148
    I have seen the movie clips and never experienced anything that 'physical' with my Helix or Eupho.

    However, I often get the 'waves of pleasure' type of multiple orgasms that go on for several minutes. While it is not as 'explosive' it is intensely satisfying. I have come to prefer that feeling over a single muscle straining event. I can simply ride the 'p-waves' for virtually as long as I want which is often an hour or more.

    If I never have any feeling beyond what I have already achieved I will be perfectly happy.

    And I have the aftereffects also. In fact I can often have a series of mini orgasms without the Aneros almost anytime I desire.

    I will add that I also practic KSMO meditation and I think that has added a lot to my experience. I believe it helped me to achieve the multiple orgasms much sooner than I would have with Aneros use alone.
  • funkybrucefunkybruce
    Posts: 2
    Thanks for the tips/replies - more updates here...

    As I was laying in bed last night (no Aneros use), I thought I would try to duplicate the experience I had with the Aneros but WITHOUT using the Aneros. I was working my PC muscles slowly, increasing the strength of my voluntary contractions. Eventually, I got the involuntaries going without the Aneros, and they continued to build and build and build until I reached an utter state of bliss - very calm, but my muscles were all very tight, everything straining. It felt wonderful and totally the same as the experience i had with the Aneros the night before. I wonder if I am able already to mimic the affect of the Aneros with just mind/PC control. It certainly felt like it. My wife was on the couch watching TV late night, so I was in the bed alone, but still not completely alone where I would let my body act a little more responsively to the sensations I was receiving.

    Everything is similar to when I was a child (I am now 33) when I used to climb ropes, trees, etc. and get that "feeling" that I know now that was an orgasm of some sort. I haven't yet reached the full over-the-top orgasm I got way back then when climbing things as a child, but it certainly feels eerily similar. I am quite sure that moving more towards this, couples with Aneros use, will propel me to he Super-O in the future.

    I'll keep everyone up to date, as it seems that people have many different wonderful experiences with the Aneros and prostate play. This has been a fun week of exploration, and I look forward to new discoveries and getting completely "re-wired".