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Chronic Masturbation, Sex&Porn Addiction & the Perid
  • So it's been about 36 hours with my Peridise now.

    So far, I can say this:

    Last night, I inserted the Peridise and got into bed. I was just chillin out on the feelings, trying to relax and not clench or contract much...and I must say I've already felt some funny things downstairs.

    That being said, however, I've had experience in the realm of anal play, and so the insertion or the size of the device is by no means a discomfort or issue for me.

    I have to say that I ended up falling asleep with the peridise in me. I didn't wake up with any crazy contractions or feelings in my loins...but I can tell you that my discomfort from hemorrhoids has already been improving. My case of hemorrhoids isn't very severe or just tends to flare up when my diet gets a little off track, but causes me a LOT of discomfort because the 16 or so hours that I am up/awake every day breaks down into 1) Driving many miles, 2) Going to lectures for a few hours a day, 3) Sitting behind computers at work, taking care of I.T..

    Since the age of...about, 17 I'd say it's safe to call myself a chronic masturbator. I got this item in the hopes that it can begin to help me meditate on myself, clear my teach me not to look to immediate gratification, and also, to state it bluntly, to give my penis a break.

    I can already say that this has been helping me minimize the MANY MANY hours that I spend secretly masterbating (either in my room, or my office after hours, or even the bathroom some times).

    I've realized that I have a problem with sex addiction, because when I haven't been out there womanizing, I've been at home marathon-jerking.
    I don't wish to drop out of school for a third time, and I don't wish to jeopardize my professional career, because for my age I am in a profoundly advantageous position. I also know the extent of my intelligence, and my academic capabilities, and I find it hard to believe (even to myself) that I can't manage to finish school. I literally escape from my work and my responsibilities by masturbating. My masturbation LITERALLY gets in the way and keeps me from doing anything. Instead of writing a paper, I'll just play with myself for hours instead....and things of this nature.

    These marathon sessions that I've been subjecting myself to for so many years have resulted in a few things:
    1) Failing out of my classes
    2) Missing important deadlines (work/school/personal/social/birthdays/etc)
    3) I'm always late getting to places because I surrender to the urge of rubbing out a quick one before my departure from home

    4) I've developed a MASSIVE sexual stamina, but have come to the point where maintaining a good, healthy, rock hard erection becomes an issue of intense/deep intimate attraction. If I'm not literally in LOVE with the girl, I find it hard to remain interested through the course of our sexual play together because I either get bored, or I feel like my penis is desensitized.

    I can literally say that I have allowed it to progress to a point where it has been the cause of many of my failures, and it has become a root problem of my life which I intend on resolving. I want to get sober from masturbation, and from pornography, and have dealt with addiction before (I successfully dealt with, and conquered, mild addictions to alcohol, nicotine, and marijuana--all of which are now only recreational activities that I pursue, based on my OWN choosing). Now, I want to ask:

    Is there anybody on here who has had these types of issues or problems related to pornography, sex, masturbation, and desensitization, and has worked on their own, with their own efforts and discipline to use the aneros products as a tool to discipline and "fix" themselves?

    I would appreciate anybody's advice/criticism/support/feedback. I'm at my wit's end, but I know that the only thing it's gonna take is for me, myself, to conquer this, using the same basic skills and reasoning, and power of will that I had to apply to get myself through my other addictions.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)

    It is well known that Aneros usage can become habit forming and even addictive for those prone to addictive behaviors as you have indicated for yourself. This topic has repeatedly arisen on this Forum (e.g. see - ”For those suffering from depression:”), or use the Search function to locate other threads.

    You may want to read about some of the Psychological issues as well as Managing Addiction discussed in the WIKI.

    Ultimately, it is the individual who overcomes his/her addictive behaviors but this process can be greatly helped by professional counselors who can offer advice and resources to speed the process. In your situation, I would advise you to proceed cautiously given your self identified propensity for addiction.

    As a treatment for chronic masturbation you may be merely trading one addiction for another like a heroin addict going on methadone. Mistress Aneros can easily get you hooked and you’ll become addicted like so many of us, as she starts to re-write your neural code, the “rewiring” will be upon you and you’ll be powerless to prevent the sweet seduction of her siren call. She’ll plant the “itch” that is so difficult to scratch, so, if one must succumb to an addiction, at least this one is manageable.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello ValYunHun, :)

    I've noticed since I've started having pleasurable results with my Aneros toys many months ago, that my desire to masturbate has decreased significantly. It actually kind of worried me when it first started happening, but I'm ok with it now. As I've found myself to be more in touch with what my body is feeling. And have figured out that a lot of my prior daily masturbation was generally done not out of arousal, but out of loneliness, self-pity, boredom, and after a while habit. I also find that looking at porn is not as much of a draw as it used to be. I suspect that beginning the journey of Aneros usage opens you up to growth both spiritually and emotionally. Now I desire more of a "realness" and emotional connection in my sexual fantasies that porn most often is incapable of providing. But I was never as addicted as the behavior you describe. So whether this will be your experience with Aneros usage I do not know. And like Rumel said, Aneros usage can be addictive also. But it is probably the better of the two. Although, sessions can sometimes fill up a few hours of time in your day. Something to keep in mind.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134

    As some have said recently in their responses to other threads, there are questions that you are seeking answers to here that are best addressed elsewhere. It seems to me that you need to develop some strategies for dealing with what have become some very disruptive patterns of behavior in your life. While it may make you feel better to air this in a public forum, I suspect that this will take real work with a trained professional to resolve.

    With respect to any role that the Aneros might play, let me blunt, the Aneros is not a solution to your problems, neither is anything else that comes out of a box. It is not a panacea. As Rumel mentioned, it is more likely than not it would simply become another focus for your obsession. Just to be clear, I rarely discourage anybody from seeking the Super O, but I believe that people need to be prepared for it as well. From what you've indicated it appears that you have some important things to clear up prior to becoming involved in this kind of sensual exploration. Doing so, will put you on a more healthy track for life in general and for future experimentation with the Aneros.


    BF Mayfield
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    It's a self help recovery group