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Orgasm Triggers
  • View Poll Results: What's your most effective orgasm (without ejaculation) trigger. Edit Voters: 792

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    Nipple Stimulation 260 32.83%

    Mental Stimulation 121 15.28%

    Penis Stimulation 77 9.72%

    Contractions 238 30.05%

    Light Skin Touching 49 6.19%

    Other - Please Explain 46 5.81%

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    Posts: 0
    Many of us have different orgasm triggers with and without the aneros inserted. Help us all out and tell us, what is your most effective trigger?
  • helixbillhelixbill
    Posts: 148
    My most intense feelings come from holding my scrotum very gently in my hand. No pressure, just a light touch where I can feel my testes moving slightly in the sac.

    Even better is if I can get my wife to hold my scrotum very lightly!
  • Nipple stimulation with the aneros and penis stimulation with out. When I get close to a super-o I add some nipple stimulation to kick me over the top to a very pleasurfull super-o. Nipple stimulation helps me a lot when on route to a super-o. Even though I have had super-Os with out nipple stimulation.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,832
    My initiating cue is a 'gotta pee' sensation. I extend that sensation with tiny PC squeezes. Then, as the 'build' starts, nipple stim amplifies it. No super-O yet but the current mini-Os are nice stuff.

    Fifteen months later -- a year after first Super-O:

    After meditation and arousal by multiple stim efforts (nips, male deer, etc.) Then, heavy vocalization (loud & deep, almost crying sound) is my most dependable trigger for dry-Orgasm (either physical or visual). I co-ordinate breathing with Aneros movement and vocalization on each exhalation. Once orgasmic pleasure starts to glow, gentle vocalization or soft pallet sucking are my best tools to deepen the experience. Letting fly with some gentle crys/sobs can also prolong and deepen the sensations and visuals.

    When I "slide-past" orgasm and see the session drifting away, striking my right large toenail against the sole of my left foot will sometimes trigger a shock up my left leg and cause a chain of anal involuntaries followed by a rectal clench and orgasm. Soft pallet sucking moves it onward.

    OTOH, sometimes ships just pass in the night and Dames Eupho and Helix turn fickle and find some other lucky guy to visit.

    Anerosless -- still no orgasms from that action -- but the p-waves are great !
  • I find that electro-stim really increases the sensations and puts you right into over-drive. Just takes 1 pad placed on the back of the right knee and the other just above your penis. Put the Tens unit on massage and increase it until you feel a slight tingle, then let the Aneros go to work.....AAAHHHHHH.....WOW!
  • My nipples are not capable of any erotic stimulation whatsoever. Still highly sensitive to pain, but 0 pleasure.
  • rickgrickg
    Posts: 94
    It seems like since I have discovered my prostate thru Aneros, my nipples have become more sensitive. My wife likes touching them lightly to see how I react which is amazing to her and to me. They really help me concentrate during my sessions.
  • grayfoxgrayfox
    Posts: 81
    Is there somewhere a guide or sth to nip stim because for me it doesn't generate anything, too.
  • nkdjimnkdjim
    Posts: 2
    I just got my Helix and have not tried it but a few times with no success but nipple play is huge for me. When I have my wife satisfied, she or I will play with my nipples to send me over the edge!!!
  • a_usera_user
    Posts: 16
    When I feel that I'm getting close to the edge, a light stimulation (almost tickling) of the scrotum will push me right over into the Super O.
  • I voted for light skin touch. My wife knows how great the sensation is for me to place her hand on me just above my penis. She gently massages this area and it calms and excites me at the same time. She also massages my balls and perineum. She knows just what to do!
  • my wife running her fingers all over me lightly especially my balls
  • airbagairbag
    Posts: 137
    Contractions are obvious, I'm not going to vote on that. But one curious thing is ... shaking my head. I shake like crazy during orgasms, and I have to hold my head still to prevent neck damage or minor concussions. After an orgasm or two, I can often trigger short orgasms by twisting my head (left/right).
  • brianadamsbrianadams
    Posts: 79
    My wife's touch will do it every time. She knows how to massage my prostate externally by lightly rubbing the area right above the base of my penis, or just letting her hand rest there. Also, she very lightly strokes my balls and perineum. One thing she does that really sends me over is amazing. She puts her hand over my semi-hard penis facing it down over my balls then she rubs the head of my cock into my balls. She can and does do this vigorously, it feels crazy great!!!

    Of course, playing with my ass is a "send me over the edge" thing she does too.

    Oh, and then there's her mouth and tongue!!!

    I'm so very lucky.

  • RolfieRolfie
    Posts: 1
    I just received my Aneros Progasm Ice on Wednesday and had the first of several Super O's on Friday. Oh WOW, the were awesome! I do light touching over most of my body, the abdomen, legs, ass cheeks, chest and nipples, and I will also touch my penis for a second or two, which sends a contraction wave to the prostate. What I really found that will set me off and lead me into the Super O, is when I lightly massage and lightly press on my pubic bone area, this will generate an involuntary jerk that tightens everything up. I go and come back to that area.
  • ltgltg
    Posts: 36
    For me, I do contractions to get my prostate swollen and electrically buzzing, but I rely on nipple stimulation to generate the orgasms.

    BUT, I've been finding that when my prostate is swollen so I can feel it all the time and electrically buzzing all the time, then I get amazing dry-orgasms from nipple stim plus the following:
    1) rubbing or pulsing my penis pee-hole.
    2) "V" of pointer and index fingers on either side of the base of my penis.