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Thinking of buying an aneros but have some questions
  • first- wich one is the best for an intermidiate and likes a little more fill
    second- does sneros vibrate?
    third- do you use a condom with it or is it smooth enough without one?

    if anyone could answers these questions i would be greatly appreciated i have heard alot of good stuff about these products from reading the reviews i just want some clarification.

  • helixbillhelixbill
    Posts: 148
    If you are not too experienced the Helix is great. It is a little more 'filling' than the Eupho. I started with the Helix and bought the Eupho later and I still use both depending on my mood.

    The Aneros does not vibrate. It works through the action of your anus. If you will take a deep breath, enough to fill your abdomen, and pay attention to your anus you will feel it move slightly as you inhale and exhale. That is all the movement you need with the Aneros.

    All Aneros products are made of a white 'nylon like' material and are made to be used by themselves. You could not doubt use a condom but I think it might be a distraction. Simply wash the Aneros thoroughly after each use.

    Good luck and I think you are in for a real 'experience' when you take the plunge.