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Urination Question...
  • Good Day Everyone!

    This is my first forum question, because I wasn't able to find an answer elsewhere. I received my first aneros product earlier this week and had a very pleasant first session. It lasted about 2+ hours had verying levels of pleasure depending on my state of mind and arousal level. I know that the "urge to urinate" is the massager correctly pressing against the prostate and once I recognized this sensation, I found that the real urge to urinate was a different feeling all together. I purchased my aneros with an order from and decided to finish off my first aneros session with a round robin session with my four new sleeves. All-in-all, I think everything was a great success. Usually after I ejaculate, I typically have the need to urinate. Knowing this about myself, I left the MGX in while I went to the restroom and releaved my bladder. I found that urinating with the MGX still in was rather difficult. It's the same sensation when I try to pee first thing in the morning and still have my morning wood, except this time I was already flacid. Two questions come from this experience:

    1) Should I be trying to urinate with the MGX still in me?
    2) If it is okay to urinate with the MGX still inserted, should I have a regular flow?
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello Flying_High, :)

    Welcome to the Aneros forums!

    I've never had any problems urinating with any of my Aneros inserted. As it is bound to happen at least once during a long session. I think the only issue that came up for me is the MGX being smaller, sometimes can be squeezed out while urinating. So one hand aiming my penis, the other holding the MGX in! :lol:

  • hulahula
    Posts: 234
    It can be a little different, and a little difficult. The analogy to doing it with morning wood is apt.
  • Towards the end of my second session this week (3 hours this time), I found that surprise, surprise I had to urinate again. This time was easier. Since I knew what to expect, I actually didn't clench as hard and the stream came with far less difficulty. That first time was rather disconcerting, but at least now I have a basis of comparison.
  • magma1984magma1984
    Posts: 48
    good day flying_high, yeah...i've found the urge to urinate can get in the way of a session...since the body is geared up for ejaculation during a session, and you can't pee and ejaculate at the same time, the mind gets a little confused! Difficulty afterwards is just the mind clearing and the PC muscle taking time to relax...can sometimes take me a couple of minutes before I'm ready.

    With aneros inserted...sure, why not? I've done it with my progasm, if I'm in the middle of a session and need to pee, taking it out and putting it back in again is un-needed hassle!