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20 min of crazy bliss
  • Oli920Oli920
    Posts: 7
    All right, I just happened to be on here looking for some answers to why it seemed like I couldn't have a non-ejaculatory orgasm. I've had Aneros (2) for a few years with varied success. I wasn't complaining but I wanted more. My progasm seemed to be getting me close but I would keep having traditional orgasms. No penile stimulation. I'd have a mini O or two and feel like something bigger was coming. Then as it would build and I'd feel like I was about to have another mini O and instead I'd have an insanely good ejaculatory orgasm. Now I wasn't complaining about this but I wanted to get through this and see what else was on the menu. Well, while looking for some answers in the forum I started to get the buzz. It was nice I usually take that as a sign it's time for a session. So I was about to get up and head off to prepare when I was struck by a serious feeling that I should sit down. I opted to lay down on the bed and wham! I was hit by a strong Mini O. I was right back in the same position except I didn't have an aneros inserted. I figured I'd have another mini O or two and have an ejaculatory orgasm and be done. That is not what happened. Instead I was caught up in a series of Mini O that just kept coming. That building feeling kept compounding. I couldn't stop moving around. I was overwhelmed by these sensation and just when I thought I couldn't take anymore it just took off. I can't describe what I felt. I don't know exactly how long it went on. I'm ballparking it at 20 min or so but who cares really. I just had the most amazing full body pleasure of my life. This was without the aneros. I don't know what happened but I LOVED IT!
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Fantastic Oli920!!!!

    Lucky you to have experienced what sounds like a super-O.!

    I agree that the buzz sensation is a good cue of when it is time to have an Aneros session. Sometimes, I can create the buzz myself though through concentration and looking at or reading erotic material to help.

  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 836
    Great story Oli920, thanks for sharing! :)
  • Hi,

    Can someone tell me the difference between a mini O and a Super O. From reading the messages I have an idea of what a super O is, but not sure of what the difference is?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,419
    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)

    You can see a definition for the term “mini-O” in the WIKI- Glossary as well as other terminology commonly used on this Forum.
  • Oli920Oli920
    Posts: 7
    I couldn't help myself. I had to do it again. Seems like once I get excited the buzzing starts and I have a fluttering sort of feeling. I can hold it off but who really wants that. I just let myself go and things just start happening. I can see how this could become a problem. If this starts up every time I think or see something sensual I could be crippled with orgasms all day. Not the worst way to live but I do sometimes have things to get done. Anyway to Prostate health. For me a mini-O is kind of like a sneeze or a hiccup. You know how when you feel one coming you get that almost tickle. It's just like that only appropriately repositioned for this more sexual situation. It's nice and kind of stokes the fire. The super O on the other hand is something all together different. I wouldn't describe it as nice. It's all encompassing. Think of yourself being a rubber band that's being pulled so taunt you could snap any second. You're being pulled in every direction and it's so much you can't help but just scream. Because it's just that good. I know it's a little poetic but there really aren't plain words that sum it up. All I can say it keep at it . It took me some time and I can't imagine a more rewarding learning curve.
  • Damn! I haven't used the Aneros in a while. I need to start using it again. I just haven't been getting enough privacy and time. I've been horny enough though several times.