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Aneros-less session out of the blue
  • mobilesubmobilesub
    Posts: 77
    Once while on vacation with the entire family stuffed into a hotel room, I was particularly needy and without privacy. The options were very limited and even sneaking into the bathroom for a quicky was just too high risk. I was stuck in the bed with no where to go so I tried 'going through the motions' without the Aneros. My trusty friend was 800 miles away and that wasn't going to change.

    I was amazed at my success after about 45 minutes of contractions and deep breathing, sans Aneros. It wasn't the same and wasn't quite as pleasurable but it was pleasure when I need it. The sensations were much, much more than I could have hoped for. I chalked it up to luck and didn't try again until last night... about 8 months later.

    I haven't been to the Aneros site in several months while I settled into a new routine but I have kept up with my Helix. Last night while reading through some of the recent posts and not looking to particularly have a session, I started working the muscle groups as I read about various people's experiences. It was more about memory than trying to make something happen but something happened. I hit familiar sensations and eventually had to leave the computer and focus on the feelings. The next hour was every bit as pleasurable as my average session.

    The first major indicator was an instant erection followed by the feeling that someone was squeezing my penis with all they had. It moved down to the prostate and felt like a heel of a shoe pressing hard into the perineum. I was then hit with the first spasming orgasm that convinced me I wasn't imaging things. My legs shook and ankles quivered to make the sensation a half-body experience.

    I proceeded on to another two heavy, involuntary contraction orgasms over the next 30 minutes and finally had to give up and get some sleep. Wow and wow, again.

    It has taken me the better part of 2 years to train my body to use the Aneros (various models) and only one other time have I had any hint of success without one. I have never had a goal of having a prostate orgasm without an Aneros yet now I seem to have unexpected skills. Each time I read about people who had this talent, I thought they must have a mystic power that the average person lacks. Yet, here I am.

    It really does get better and better with time.