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About a Super O
  • bill3763bill3763
    Posts: 24
    (1) Time does not speed up ... it slows down. I presume this perception arises from the fact of being completely focused on the sensations as they occur.
    (2) Within the experience there are peaks ... changes in intensity. Sometimes a momentary pause -- and then one sort of motion will change to another.
    (3) The greatest intensity seems to be triggered by the sense of pushing outward as the aneros moves faster. but the sweetest pleasure seems to be the aneros' automatic movements
    (4) A time of "ocean seas" pleasure can occur within a longer episode
    (5) My body seems to know when the experience is complete ... not a sense of release, as with an ejaculation ... but rather a deep sense of satisfaction.

    Well, we are all wired differently ... but I wonder if others can relate to these observations?

  • I can relate. I call it "Orgasm Plus", (O+). It keeps getting better for me all the time. :D