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Help on pre lubing please
  • big jimbobig jimbo
    Posts: 78
    Yesterday I went to Walgreens and inquired about a syringe for pre lubing. They gave me a small syringe that looks like it is for giving meds to a child orally.

    Could someone tell me a brand name and/or model of something that would be more substantial without costing a fortune.

    I am using KY for a lube and trying to get more inside before inserting the Aneros.

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Big Jimbo.

    I think that the syringes that are offered here are inexpensive and the thing that is worth the money alone is the "extension" at the end. When my original syringe gave out (the rubber washer went) it was that extension piece that I really missed. For $4, it is not too bad.
  • gm501gm501
    Posts: 87
    The baby doser should work OK. That's what I bought at Walmart for about a buck. If you order something on-line, you'll have to pay shipping and it will end up costing a lot more.

    I generally don't squirt anything inside myself. I just generously lube the device and haven't had any problems. Whenever I have pre-lubed, I don't notice any difference and I end up farting it out later and making a mess at an inconvenient time, if you know what I mean. That's just been my experience.
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I can't say if it is necessary to pre lube or not, but for me, it is all part of the ritual. I use the syringe that I bought right here and can vouch for those that they work great.
    Once settled in, the first thing I do I shoot up with a syringe of homemade lube. this is usually enough by itself to set off the first waves. I can get a half hour of pleasure before I start with the aneros
    I would pay the extra buck or two and order one from the store. Hell, I would order two or three
  • WeaselWeasel
    Posts: 6
    Hi! I went to Walgreens at the start of the week to buy a dropper. They had two varieties. One is just a dropper, which holds 1 ml. and costs 1.99. The other is a larger dropper that holds 5 ml / 1 tsp. and it comes with a "spoon", where you can pour the medicine in and then the child can swallow it without spilling. However for our purposes, you can pour the liquid lube into it -- if it is one of those long thin containers, or has to be squeezed out and then you can use the dropper to pick it up. I think this will lead to less mess in many respects, and a dropper can't always reach the bottom of a bottle, less you tilt it way over on the side. It's just a dollar more in cost, but I think worth it. Plus with the smaller dropper you'd have to use it at least 10 times to get in the recommended amount of lube that the wiki says; the other would require only two applications.
  • WeaselWeasel
    Posts: 6
    I should have also mentioned that I didn't ask the pharmacist but went down the aisle where they sell toothpastes, and it was in an alcove where there were hanging pill containers for daily use, etc. Of course I'm assuming all their stores are arranged the same!
  • luvinanerosluvinaneros
    Posts: 147
    I agree with Buster. The enema tip allows you to leave it inserted and draw up more lubricant if you desire more. A word to the wise to much lube might stimulate your bowels I seldom use more than 10 ml in my rectum.

  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    I have been using this for months and months with no sign of "dying" regardless of the lube used...check this thread...

    I hope this is helpful...