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Finally starting to figure it out . . . I think . . . .
  • calcarscalcars
    Posts: 3
    I was curious about what appears/is a growing trend toward prostate play for men, so purchased an MGX back in October as my toy for a "let's play" weekend away with my wife. (She got a new vibe; I got a new pain in the butt! Just kidding!)

    We enjoy reading erotica to each other, and on our weekend away my wife and I took turns reading and playing with each other with our new toys. She wasn't frightened by the odd contraption that I intended to stick up my . . . , but instead, she was curious about, "What's this thing supposed to do?" While I read to her, she lubed up the Aneros, along with my point of insertion, and VERY gently slid the toy home. Then, she sat, watched, and read. Let's just say that it was less than thrilling. Neither of us knew what to do with the silly thing other than to follow the directions on the packaging. In, out, in, out, ho, hum, zzzzzzzzz. She finally finished me off with a wonderful hand job, and I produced a good amount of ejaculate. But, other than that, we knew that this would take some work, so we put it on the back burner.

    Since that time, I've played with the toy alone a couple of times a week (with her support and encouragement). The process: Lube as before, then insert while sitting on the toilet. (I feel that this position gives me more control during insertion.) After insertion, I’d mosey over to computer to surf the web. I'd sit on a sparingly padded chair, feeling the Aneros pressing into my shiny hiney. I'd wiggle around, fidget, etc., and wonder, "OK. What's the big deal?" I felt a little pressure on my prostate, and a heck of a lot of pressure on my perineum (to the point of getting sore). After awhile, I'd head over to the bed for more in, out . . . ho, hum, zzzzzzz, falling asleep with the Aneros nestled inside me, sore perineum, frustrated and tired.

    This had gone on for almost six months now, with me reading/memorizing parts of the Wiki, prostrating myself in search of prostate pleasure, still with no results. Last weekend, I once again viewed some of the videos. (Always feels a little weird watching another guy fool around with something sticking out of his butt, but what-the-heck? I’ve tried everything else.) Videos were viewed, and that’s when the light bulb came on!!! I’d been sticking the darn thing too far up my . . . ! With the full depth insertion technique that I’d been using, I’d left the Aneros with little wiggle room to work it’s magic!

    With new idea in . . . butt, I tried once again. This time lying on my back, knees bent, toy about halfway in. Success! Not a Super O, Super T, or anything even within miles of those, but at least it felt a lot better. Yummy, even . . . a whole lot yummier than what I’d been doing before. In, out, smooth, silky, relaxing . . . feels pretty good. Learning to control the contractions, too. Apparently, I’d been doing way too much contracting of the PC muscle. Lying on my back, I could now feel myself using a different set of muscles to manipulate the toy in and out. Could actually feel a gentle prostate massage. Very nice.

    So, it looks like I may be on my way to bigger and better things . . . . At least it feels better than it did before, and that’s progress! I’ll try to keep you posted as the journey continues. (Pun not intended. OK . . . it was!)
  • I may have been making the same mistake you've made!
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 836
    That sounds painful! How did you shove it in too far? Would it not stop at the handle?
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778

    That sounds painful! How did you shove it in too far? Would it not stop at the handle?

    I also find that for me, the MGX can be painful on hard contractions, whether voluntary, or involuntary. I've read another user's post saying the same thing. Perhaps this is just a difference in body type and proportions.

    As I started using my MGX, I too realized that it seemed to be more pleasurable when you relax your anal muscles to the point where it felt like it slipped halfway out my anus. I don't know if it is the position of the MGX that makes the difference. Or if it is just that you are allowing your anus to really relax as you are supposed to. This was many months ago though. I've since been a die-hard advocate of the Progasm since December. And that's a whole different beast.