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Finally some progress!
  • qwertyqwerty
    Posts: 8
    Last night I used progasm. I've been using the Helix, but strangely enough, I was feeling pain from this model, (when I stood up sometimes, and when I remove it). Strangely enough, the progasm feels more comfortable. I think I'll be sticking to the progasm for the near future.

    I had been trying to have my knees bent before last night, and many of the other suggestions that you guys had been giving me, (during chat too: NEWBIES!!! JOIN THE CHAT IF YOU NEED HELP!) but for me, it seems, the only way that I was able to really relax was if i actively untensed all my muscles, and this only happened when my legs were flat. I can't remember exactly what I was feeling, but I remember a subtle sensation of itching, followed later by tingling and a stronger itch. It was the first time I had ever felt something like this.

    I took the advice not to hammer it with contractions, and kept breathing deeply. I think belly breathing also slightly shifts the position of the lower organs, possibly providing movement stimuli for the Aneros. Anyway, It kept going and coming in waves, but I could never get it past the itching. went on my side, Same thing happened, and then flipped on my stomach, and felt the same things, but at some point I fell asleep. I woke up 3 hours later (0320), and barely felt the progasm. I ended my session and went to bed.

    I had some very slow buildup contractions that I was not really in control of, but these occurred over the span of maybe 20-30 seconds per buildup. are these involuntaries?

    Also, I think the one thing that I really underestimated was the subtlety of the initial sensations. in my previous sessions, i was using the Helix and contracting strongly. When I contracted this session, I did them so lightly that i could barely feel it, and Felt results for the first time. Im quite busy tonight, but I'll probably have a session tomorrow.

    Another thing, today was the first time that my outer sphincter felt so relaxed. (NOT the bad way) I was showering, and it was a little softer, easier to probe, but still just firm when I contracted it.

    I never doubted the veracity of any of your claims, but there is something about seeing results that blows away the "cautious" in my cautious optimism.
  • Congrats on your success qwerty. I started out the exact same way, hammering everything for all I was worth. Subtle is where it's at.

  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 850
    Sounds like you are starting to understand the aneros better. Hope you have more progress in the future! Please follow up with us. :D