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Penis, NOT!
  • nubi1nubi1
    Posts: 2
    Yes, thanks for the bump.  As a 1 week veteran I appreciate that outlook very much and will take heed of the advise.

    No thunder and lightning yet but certainly some new and exciting feelings; looking forward to a great journey and I'm in no rush.

  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 800
    Welcome and enjoy!

  • CockadoodleCockadoodle
    Posts: 400
    Hi, guys,

    First time I've checked for months, and what do I see...Ha....glad it still offers advice for some. 

    I continue to enjoy my Aneros devices, but have really come to rely on my two small Paradise models for consistent, prolonged pleasure.  After you all have tried working with Eupho or Helix or whatever, try might be totally amazed what you find.

    I don't recommend Paradise (at least not the two advanced models) until you're well into high pleasure with the larger prostate massagers, but if you are, you might give them a try.  I highly discourage sleeping with larger Aneros models in place...puts too much pressure on the prostate as well as your urethra, and can lead to some unpleasant urinary problems.  However, due to their size and shape, you might find sleeping with a Paradise a new ( and might I add exciting) experience.  FWIW

    That's about all I have right now.  Hope you're all enjoying the coming of spring...we sure do need it here in the upper midwestern it's been a brutal winter.

    Blessings to all.  Enjoy your toy!

  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    Welcome back Sir!

    Nice to know you are still around and enjoying the "small" pleasures!

    I agree with you, the two smaller Peridise models are my staples these days, but it is fun to have a session with something larger, such a the Helix or MGX, just occasionally.

    Even so, I can only sleep with the smallest Peridise for a couple of hours at a time, after that it always wakes me up, wanting to play! BTW, how often do you use the Peridise?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    Guys, I decided to bump this thread to hopefully clarify some confusion about the admonitions to avoid penile stimulation. IMHO, the main point of 'Cockadoodle's thread is to get new users of Aneros devices to alter their thought paradigm to orgasmic pleasure, it is NOT an admonishment to forever forego penile stimulation in their life.
    'DarkOrb's recent thread brought up the topic of using "edging" as a technique to increase arousal energy levels and it is an effective technique for doing so. However, for many men, the process can quite easily take them past the PONR and lead them into a Super-T which subsequently ends their session as the prolactin induced refractory period effectively vaporizes their arousal. While doing this once may not be problematic, repeated instances of Super-T's may be reprogramming a new users body into being rewired for that experience, thus making Super-O's more difficult to achieve in the future.
    I agree with 'BF Mayfield' and 'Unfug' in saying that early on in ones Aneros rewiring it is probably best to avoid Aneros use and penile edging UNTIL one has a well developed body knowledge of MMO experiences, including some Super-O's. Once one has rewired themselves sufficiently, then penile stimulation can safely be included back into the mix of arousal amplification tools.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • UnfugUnfug
    Posts: 77
    Hey @rumel,

    thy for bumping this thread and relate it to the current thread of @DarkOrb. I'm not here for sooo long and it seems most subjects get talked over and over again because the old threads become forgotten constantly... :(

    The sticky functionality doesn't seem to be a sufficient solution, since there are so many good threads that would eventually occupy the first 20 slots or so. So, my suggestion would be to create a new category in the sidebar named 'Must read' or 're-inventing the wheel' or 'best-of'... you get the idea.

    Cheers, Unfug
  • spinxspinx
    Posts: 23
    Thanks@Cockadoodle! As a newbie, I appreciate this post
  • Sorena_Sorena_
    Posts: 395
    Im really glad that the penis is involved and recognised as a necessity in some ways to generate response. Sadly for some of us it is the only way to do so, perhaps through a lack of constancy or perhaps a physical connection that should be there but isn't, or mental pathways not being formed enough/correctly. 

    Good to see.